Son of a man? I'm not afraid of him

Son of a man?  I'm not afraid of him

Member of Knesset Naama Lazimi from the Labor Party responded today (Tuesday) to calls for an investigation against her after she participated in a protest in the Ayalon lanes and allegedly took part in disturbances. Member of Knesset Lazimi said: “If protesting for the kidnapped is something you are being questioned about by the police, get ready for interrogation rooms filled to the brim with a determined public and Knesset members who have not lost their conscience.”

Member of Knesset Lazimi stressed: “More importantly: this is a warning light that should worry us all. Every action I took was with the families of the abductees and for their return, and against the lawlessness of the government. I suggest that the police investigate those who deliberately prevent a deal and let them slowly kill our 134 abductees in captivity. Ben Gvir – I'm not afraid of you.”

archives. Photo: Noam Moshkowitz, spokeswoman of the Knesset

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