“The Israeli government uses starvation as a weapon”

“The Israeli government uses starvation as a weapon”

Member of Knesset Aida Toma-Soliman published a short time ago (Tuesday) on the social network X (formerly Twitter) a response to the killing of seven aid workers of the WCK organization in Deir al-Balah yesterday and wrote that “The Israeli government has no interest in humanitarian aid entering Gaza and reaching its destination, it uses starvation as a weapon, as the European Foreign Minister Borrell also said, and it seems that her only interest is the continuation of the deadly chaos.''

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Adina Velman

“When the Israeli government wants to outlaw UNRA and is unwilling to cooperate with it, it continues to bomb the aid trucks and persecute the members of the popular committees that were supposed to provide a replacement for UNRA. “Yesterday 7 WCK employees were killed in an Israeli bombardment and the organization stopped its activities in Gaza.” she added.

“This is exactly the picture of the starvation policy, but the responsibility for the distribution of aid was and still is on Israel, both in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of international law, pending orders of the International Court of Justice in The Hague instruct Israel to ensure the transfer of humanitarian aid without restriction into the Strip.” Final article.

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