Using these nutritional supplements can cause death

Using these nutritional supplements can cause death

The Ministry of Health issued today (Tuesday) a notice warning the public against the use of nutritional supplements produced by the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical company that contain the ingredient Red yeast rice – rice that has been fermented with yeast, this following a report from the Ministry of Health in Japan about a possible link between the consumption of the nutritional supplements and five deaths and about 100 Hospitalization cases of consumers in Japan who suffered kidney damage after using the products. According to the report, a procedure of proactive return of the products is carried out in Japan.

The red yeast rice component found in the aforementioned nutritional supplements is not approved for use in nutritional supplements in Israel and therefore, it is not found in the legal marketing channels. However, the ministry requests to inform the public about the fear of a possible connection between the events in Japan and the consumption of the said component in the nutritional supplements. The Ministry of Health has not received reports of people who purchased the nutritional supplements from the various websites or who needed medical treatment after consuming them.

It should be noted that for the commercial import of nutritional supplements to Israel prior approval is required from the National Food Service in the Ministry of Health. As part of submitting the application for approval, the importer is required to provide evidence of the product's safety and compliance with the requirements of the food legislation.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Health

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