“The demonstration turned into a disorder and an unrestrained riot”

“The demonstration turned into a disorder and an unrestrained riot”

The Israel Police informs that during the last two hours the protest and the procession that took place earlier this evening (Tuesday) in coordination and which the police allowed and secured, turned into a disturbance of order and an unbridled riot on Gaza Street.

According to the police, hundreds of rioters tried to break through the police barriers placed near the Prime Minister's house by force. Some of them physically confronted the police. One of them waved a burning torch at a police trooper. Another lay down under a police cordon, and others wildly threw fences and insulted police officers.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

The police officers braked and repelled the rioters and rioters in a place near the Prime Minister's house, and prevented them from reaching the house, contrary to the decisions of the Supreme Court regarding the distance allowed for demonstrations near elected officials, and the required security arrangements.

After dozens continued to riot in the street and break the order, and repeatedly disobeyed the instructions of the police officers on the spot, the police used riot control measures to disperse the rioters, and made arrests on the spot.

A short time ago, the fruits of the Seder were scattered from the place.

The police also added that during the breach of order, a police officer was injured in the hand by one of the rioters throwing a fence at him and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

The police arrested five suspects this evening for violating public order and violent riots.

In the meantime, an investigation was opened at the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office following a case of throwing a flaming torch at a police trooper – a torch that hit him and endangered him, and fortunately did not catch fire and burn him.

The police said in response to tonight's events: “We take very seriously the serious injury to the police officers who are performing their duties according to the law. The freedom to protest is not the freedom to riot, go berserk and endanger lives. We also condemn the incessant attempts of those with interests and opinions on social media to “normalize” this behavior , while defaming police officers who perform their duties in a democratic state of law that loves life. Even these background noises will not loosen the hands of the police to continue to allow everyone to protest according to the law, but to enforce the law, maintain order and deal with disturbances and acts that endanger public peace and security , to endanger citizens, police officers, elected officials or symbols of government.”

However, the police clarified, “We will continue to allow the freedom of protest according to the law, but we will act with the tools and powers at our disposal against rioters and violent rioters, whoever they are, and all those who harm or attempt to harm public peace and security.”

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