ETIAS form in Hebrew – what should you know?

ETIAS form in Hebrew – what should you know?

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As you have probably already heard, in 2025 the ETIAS form is expected to enter into force – your new visa to Europe. Yes, we Israelis will also have to fill out a form to obtain an entry visa for the European countries that are members of the agreement. Until today, Israelis did not need a special entry visa to enter Europe, but this will all change next year. The upcoming change foreshadows a certain procedure that may make your arrival in Europe a little more difficult next year, but there is nothing to worry too much about, it is a very simple form to fill out which can even be obtained in the Hebrew language. All the details you need to know are here.

Why did the new ETIAS form suddenly appear?

This question comes up a lot – why did Europe suddenly decide to make it more difficult for Israelis to enter after me who until today entered simply, but don't take it personally, this is a procedure that applies to many other countries. The ETIAS form has existed for several years and is being used by a number of countries whose citizens fill it out before entering the member countries of the agreement responsible for ETIAS. Now, it has been decided that more countries will come under the restriction, among them Israel. The reason for this is purely security. Following a growing fear of the infiltration of hostile elements and cases of violence and terrorism, along with the broad wave of immigration in recent years, European countries have begun to slightly tighten the possibility of entering their country. In practice, this procedure may give you a safer and more pleasant stay within European countries.

The ETIAS form is simple and easy to fill out but there are still some things you should know

According to reports, the ETIAS form will be able to be filled out in 10 minutes online in the most efficient way possible. Here are some things you should know to make it even easier for you:

ETIAS form in Hebrew

As mentioned, it will be possible to obtain the form in a version that is easier to fill out, Here you will fill out the form in Hebrew and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Entry to biometric passports only

It will not be possible to submit an ETIAS form without a valid biometric passport. This means that as soon as the ESTA form enters into force, every Israeli is asked to issue one Visa to Europe, normal passports will not be allowed to enter the European countries. It is recommended to make sure you have a biometric passport as soon as possible. In addition, your passport must be valid for at least three months when you receive the visa.

validity and cost

Submitting the form will involve a low fee and is convenient for every pocket. The validity of the entry visa will be for 3 years from the moment of receiving the approval. Continuous stay will be possible for 3 consecutive months in each half year of the visa.

What will be required of you when filling out the form?

When filling out the form you will be required to provide personal details and additional details about your visit to Europe. In some cases, additional information is also required about medical history, criminal history, recent stay in Europe and information about removal from certain countries in the past. The entry visa must be submitted to the specific destination you wish to visit even if you plan to move between countries. The visa gives permission to pass between countries that are under the agreement, but in any case, the moment you enter the continent, you must enter the same country to which you submitted an entry application when filling out the ESTA form. An entry visa must be requested for each purpose of travel, whether it is a family visit, a work trip or a vacation.

Who are the countries that are in the ESTA visa agreement?

Countries that are in the agreement are member countries of the Schengen Agreement. A European convention that consolidates procedures related to border crossings, entry visas, immigrants, etc. Among the countries in the agreement for which you will need an entry visa: Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France.

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