Gali IDF established a special transmitter near the memorial site in Ra'i

Gali IDF established a special transmitter near the memorial site in Ra'i

On the six-year anniversary of the war, today (Sunday) the morning diary of Gali IDF aired, near the commemoration site for the victims of the Nova Party in Ra'i, at the place and time when Israel was attacked on October 7.

Jodi Efraimi, the mother of Capt. Ron Efraimi, who fell in Gaza, was hosted at the broadcast station in Ya'er Reim; Orin Gantz, the mother of the late Aden Zachariah who was kidnapped from the party, was murdered by Hamas and her body was recovered by the IDF, and Eli David, the brother of Avitar David who was kidnapped from the party: “I know that my brother deals with survival. It is clear to me that he is doing everything to remain vital and filled with hope. We too. Actually hearing the abductees returned and I say more than a hundred we managed to return, I have hope, I keep imagining him coming back, he is my north star.'

The broadcaster aired Shai Israel's report that he returned with the released abductee, Jimmy Pacheco, to the place where he was kidnapped in Kibbutz Nir Oz. Jimmy, 34, is a foreign migrant from the Philippines who was kidnapped on Black Saturday. As part of the project, which will be broadcast in two parts, he returned to Kibbutz Nir Oz and met for the first time with two freed abductees who were held captive with him: Tami Metzger and Elena Trupanov. “We have an exemption from captivity,” said Yelena, “we are not being taken a second time, we had already seen, enough, exhausted.” Jimmy also visited for the first time the abandoned houses of Jordan Biebs and Ofer Calderon, with whom he was held captive.

The transmitter also broadcast the article of Gal Jersey, who was at the Nahal Oz outpost with three fathers whose sons fell on 7.10 in the same tank. The tank of the Peretz team: Shay, the father of Sergeant Tomer Leibovich of the Israel Defense Forces, who fell on Black Sabbath; Ruby, the father of Sergeant Itai Chen from Netanya, an IDF veteran who is being held in Gaza and Doron, the father of Capt. Daniel Peretz Mid Binyamin, also an IDF veteran who is being held in the Gaza Strip. One tank that tells a bigger story about that day and what Israel has been through since then: “Just like a family doesn't choose, but we realized that now we are a strong family forever”, so they say, “One for all and all for one. Just like in the tank they fought.”

“Good Morning Israel” opened the special day of broadcasts to mark the six-month anniversary of the war, during which Sefi Ovadia and Vinir Kozin will broadcast from Sderot, Amir Ivgi with the noon diary from Soroka Hospital, Yael Dan from Kiryat Shmona and Tali Lipkin-Shahak will broadcast from the Kidnapped Square.

Broadcasting of the commemoration site for the murdered Nova Party Berai. Photo: IDF Waves

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