Following the investigation – calls for Redman's resignation from the protest leadership

Following the investigation – calls for Redman's resignation from the protest leadership

In an investigation by News 12, it was revealed this evening (Thursday) that Moshe Redman opened a paybox to collect donations for the injured protester – and in practice tens of thousands of shekels were transferred to the coffers of a private company allegedly owned by him. Following the report, many of the protest leaders called on Redman to resign.

Attorney Gonen Yitzhak, a prominent protest activist against the government, clarified that “We are in this protest first of all because we are calling for proper and honest conduct and transparency, and this case unfortunately does not show any of these things.” According to him, “Redman made a very serious foul.”

Photo: From the main edition of Channel 12 news

Redman responded on his X account and referred to the “poison machine” as he said: “Friends. and – how do you know that we are doing something right and a protest arises? The poison machine is raging! After 15 months in which I am invested 24/7 in the fight for the future of Israel, during which they tried harming my good name countless times, this time the poison machine has sewn up a trending article, which is expected to appear tonight in the main edition of 12, and even if not – I do not intend to let anyone threaten me and try to weaken the struggle as a result.”

He also added that “after the amazing awakening week in Jerusalem and last night in Kaplan, the protest is at its peak for the past six months, and continues to grow, therefore, one cannot help but wonder about the timing of the article and ask who it serves. This is even more true due to the fact that this week I announced The launch of the “New Way 24-48″ movement – a social movement whose goals are to fight the government of destruction on the one hand and build infrastructure for an Israeli model society on the other.”

According to Redman: “In any case, and in light of the fact that I believe in maximum transparency and act with cleanliness, I decided to publish to the general public all the data related to the esoteric subject of the article. The subject is the Paybox fund that I raised for an injured woman from a demonstration, a fund that helped her in very difficult moments. As can be seen in the document “There was no blemish in my conduct and I acted, as always, out of a sense of mission for the common good and to advance the goals of the protest. I will also note that about two months ago the same injured person approached me for political support in her municipal run in Ra'anana, I did not respond to her request and wonder and wonder – the Shachara reporter was born… and those who understand will understand. “

Redman added: “They are attacking me but targeting all of us, it won't work! The message to the government of destruction, the whistleblowers of the poison machine and their assistants – don't scare us! The attempt to harm the protest through my blackout attempt is further evidence of their fear of the civil awakening and that they understand that the days of the government of destruction There are few. The protest is not one person or organization, it is a huge majority of the people who want change and no targeted thwarting attempt of one kind or another will stop it.”

Redman even responded to the investigation in the document “Facts” to the claims as stated below:


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