going on vacation? This way you can keep an eye on your home even remotely

going on vacation?  This way you can keep an eye on your home even remotely

Spring has arrived, Passover is coming and despite the war, many Israelis are already planning the holiday vacation in a B&B or hotel in Israel or overseas. Just before you pack your bags and leave the house for a few days or more to freshen up, here are some tips that will help you keep an eye on the house from afar. The tips from Avner Ben Aryeh, CEO of the protection company of Team 3 Group.

Avoid leaving objects in plain view
This tip is true regardless of an extended stay away from home. It is important not to leave valuable personal equipment within sight of the home windows that would wink at burglars, such as a bunch of keys, bags, wallets, cell phones, and more.

Find weak points
Check what the weak points are for breaking into your home before going on vacation. Among other things, strengthen the locking with additional external locks and make sure all the windows are hermetically closed.

Choose a responsible person who will visit the house during the vacation
The skilled burglars usually hold prolonged observations on houses that are considered to have potential for burglary. Therefore, during a long stay away from home, it is important to appoint a responsible person you can trust, one who will make sure to visit the house, turn on the lights, TV and even radio in it to create a feeling that someone is present at home.

Blur signs that indicate a prolonged absence from home
There is no more obvious sign that the house is abandoned than a full mailbox, a pile of newspapers at the entrance to the house or a garden that has grown wild. Therefore, ask that responsible person to collect the mail and newspapers for you so that they do not accumulate. If the vacation extends to several weeks, it is recommended to be careful to prune and clean the garden before the trip. A neglected garden that has not been taken care of will increase among burglars the feeling that this is an unoccupied house.

Make sure the bins are full
Empty bins over time are another sign of an uninhabited house. Don't be ashamed to ask the person you appointed as responsible to empty their trash in your trash can.

Do not tell in public about your departure for vacation
Be sure to tell as few people as possible about your departure for a long vacation, you never know whose ears the information will reach. Reveal this only to the person you appointed as responsible and ask him also not to tell that you went on vacation. Try to avoid uploading photos to social media until after you return home.

Smart security system
There is no more deterrent to burglars than home security with advanced and smart security systems and call center services. Be sure to inform the call center personnel of your vacation dates and give them contact information in case of a break-in. This way the security center will know to increase the patrols around your house.

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