Lavi organization in the petition – why wasn't an investigation opened against Ayman Odeh?

Lavi organization in the petition – why wasn't an investigation opened against Ayman Odeh?

Supreme Court Justice Gila Knafi Steinitz today (Thursday) ordered the ombudsman to answer why an investigation was not opened against Knesset member Ayman Odeh for interfering with a police officer while performing his duties.

The Lavi organization today submitted a petition to the Supreme Court through Attorney Yitzhak Bam against the Israel Police, the Legal Advisor to the Government and the State Attorney, demanding that MK Ayman Odeh be investigated under a warning on suspicion of the offense of obstructing a police officer in the performance of his duties.

As I recall, on August 21, 2023, a demonstration was held in front of the Ministry of Finance. The demonstrators protested against the Finance Minister's decision to stop the transfer of certain budgets to the local authorities in the Arab sector until a way is found to prevent the flow of money to criminal organizations. During the demonstration, the police tried to arrest one of the demonstrators. MK Ayman Odeh intervened, rescued the protester from the police and prevented them from continuing the arrest. According to the Lavi organization, “these acts, if an ordinary citizen had committed them, would allegedly amount to the offense of failing a police officer in the performance of duty.”

According to the Lavi organization's petition: “The video in which MK Odeh was recorded rescuing an arrestee from the hands of the police, interfering with the arrest and pushing the policemen who are trying to remove him, was published in the media and caused an uproar. Following the publication of the statements, the Lavi organization contacted the commander of the Jerusalem district of the Israel Police and requested that it be opened against H.” An investigation into the suspicion of interfering with a police officer in the performance of his duties was confirmed. No reply was received to this request. Therefore, on 01/18/24, the Lavi organization returned and sent a reminder to the addressee of his request. To this reminder, the Jerusalem district's judicial investigative officer, Provost Udi Ronan, responded with the amazing answer, according to which although an investigation file was opened for the complaint – file PLA 373238/23, but the investigative officer announced that: “From our examination, it appears that no request was made on In order to obtain an investigation permit, as required in light of the status of the Nilon, due to the assumption that this is not a case where the investigation will be approved, in view of the petitioner's request, the investigation officer announced that before a final answer is given, the matter will be transferred to the investigation section in front of the state attorney's office.

Attorney Bem also adds on behalf of the Lavi organization: On 01/24/24, the petitioner contacted the judicial investigative officer by email and expressed surprise at the conduct of the police in the matter. As a matter of fact, every day, citizens stand trial for acts similar and even minor to that committed by MK Odeh . Therefore, the conduct of the police in his case is puzzling and it is hoped that the handling of the matter will now be expedited. This request was not answered.

On January 28, 2024, the petitioner appealed to the Legal Adviser to the Government, the State Attorney and the Deputy State Attorney (special duties) with a request to approve the opening of an investigation against MK Odeh, but this request was also not answered until the date of the petition's submission.

At the end, Advocate Bem writes: “The requests of the petitioner were not answered, she has no choice but to turn to this honorable court.”

As mentioned, Judge Gila Knafi Steinitz requested the response of the police, the legal adviser to the government and the state attorney by Thursday.

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