Represents a rocking pregnancy: what will we find out in the ninth month?

Represents a rocking pregnancy: what will we find out in the ninth month?

Marking half a year since the outbreak of the war, and since then the 19 women who are still in the captivity of Hamas have been abducted, an activity that builds an alternative came this evening (Thursday) to HaBima Square in Tel Aviv in the performance of pregnant bellies of the month of Friday.

The performance included dozens of women, dressed in clothes matching those worn by the women who returned from captivity in the first deal, with masks in the form of kidnapped women with pregnant bellies. The purpose of the performance is to remind the government and the whole world that 19 women are still in the custody of a terrorist organization. The women who returned from Hamas captivity in the first deal stated that some of them had been sexually assaulted and some had witnessed the sexual assault of others.

The performance comes out of a real fear that Israeli women who are in captivity were raped and are still being raped in captivity and as a result became pregnant during their stay in captivity and are now in the advanced months of their pregnancy.

The Alternative Builders movement stated: “A transaction will be remembered forever and we will have to deal with its consequences for years to come. The abductees have been in hell for 187 days. For them, the seventh of October has not passed, they relive it every day. After the testimony of Amit Sosna, it is difficult to ignore the terrifying possibility that the abductees conceived during Your stay in captivity. What will we discover in the ninth month of the war?”

Photo: Roni Lahav building an alternative

“Hamas will not have enough hostages between life and the cease-fire deal”

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