This is how you choose the most affordable cell phone company

This is how you choose the most affordable cell phone company

For the first time: the Ministry of Communications is launching an online system that is accessible and available to the public for information on cellular coverage at any address in Israel.

The Ministry of Communications unveiled today (Thursday) the first interactive system for the transparency of the cellular map in Israel. The system launched on the ministry's website is based on recent reports from the cellular companies. The system allows consumers to check which mobile technology is available in their area and which companies provide it.

The system makes it possible to check with the click of a button on an interactive map the amount of cellular sites by address, company or technology and to make an informed choice in the cellular company. This is how it works: you go to the transparency area on the Ministry of Communications website, choose an exact address or a preferred mobile technology and you can see which company has more infrastructure and what the retirement rate is at the address

In addition, you can see the rate of retirement of the infrastructure of the companies in the different regions. In this way, consumers will be able to compare the mobile companies and intelligently choose their mobile company according to their preference.

The Minister of Communications, Dr. Shlomo Karai: “As I stated when I took office, the issue of transparency to the public in all areas of communication is the basis and catalyst in my eyes for a free and competitive market and the provision of a better service – 'and you would be free from God and Israel.'” The new website is the beginning of a major project that will reflect to the citizens of Israel the location and condition of the mobile and fixed communication infrastructures, along with our actions to improve the communication infrastructures throughout the country.”

The Director General of the Ministry of Communications, Adv. Einval Mashash: “The website makes information on the cellular issue accessible to the public in a friendly and transparent manner, in such a way that each user knows which operator is the best for him and can make an informed consumer decision regarding the choice of this or that cellular operator. The Ministry of Communications considers it very important In increasing transparency for the benefit of the public through improving the accessibility of data and information.”

The ministry intends to make more systems available in the future, including a system for mirroring the fiber map.

Mark Neiman, CEO
Map - Mobile - Ministry of Communications
Mark Neiman, CEO

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