The elimination of his sons and grandsons is not the only blow

The elimination of his sons and grandsons is not the only blow

After the assassination of the three sons of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Hazem, Amir and Mohammed Haniyeh and three of his grandsons, Amal, Razan and Khaled, the leader of the terrorist organization remained in the Israeli crosshairs.

Yesterday, the Israeli hacker group “WeRedEvils” reported that it had disabled his WhatsApp account (+595617777 970❌ , +99676684 974❌) and his private Telegram. “First, we would like to thank the IDF for a very happy Eid al-Fitr celebration with a high-quality cleanup of arch-terrorists from the Haniya family. We wanted to distribute baklava to all our followers, but since we are less strong in the kitchen, we disabled Ismail Haniye's WhatsApp and his private Telegram. Let's hope it tastes just as good,” the hacker group reported.

From the hacker group WeRedEvils on Telegram

The activity of the Israeli hackers continues and they also announced direct moves against Iran, “The Iranians like to paint flags red and talk about revenge, we are a bit more in the segment of acting and then talking. Tehran is going to suffer in the coming hours”, they promised in their announcement.

Israeli hacker group "WeRedEvils"
Israeli hacker group “WeRedEvils”

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