“The US will guarantee that Israel will be able to defend itself”

“The US will guarantee that Israel will be able to defend itself”

The spokesman for the National Security Council of the USA, John Kirby today (Friday) referred to the Iranian threats against Israel and said: “The United States and Israel take the threat of Iran seriously. Iran's threat is real and sustainable and we see it as credible. We are aware of Iran's threats and the possibility that it will attack Israel as well as Israel's ability to defend itself and we will ensure this. We are assessing the situation of our forces in the area to make sure they are able to defend themselves.”

Kirby clarified that “Iran's threat is directed towards Israel, and I cannot reveal intelligence information about the size and form of the Iranian attack. Our commitment to Israel's security is unwavering and we will do everything necessary to ensure that Israel can defend itself and protect its forces in the region.”

In the meantime, the IDF and the Mossad approved attack plans in the heart of Iran in the event that Israel had to respond to a direct Iranian attack on Israel.

Photo: US State Department

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