Do you have an electric car? You should know these products

Do you have an electric car?  You should know these products

In an era of increasing environmental awareness and processes of transition to electric vehicles, charging stations for electric vehicles have become a critical component of the modern transportation infrastructure. One of the leading examples on the market is The charging station 22KW model EVRwhich offers significant benefits for owners of electric vehicles.

Electric charging

The matter of charging the electric vehicle is one of the main issues that occupy the owners of electric vehicles. While the owners of gasoline vehicles enjoy easy access to gas stations throughout the country, switching to an electric vehicle poses a unique challenge in terms of charging. Sometimes, the charging procedure of the electric vehicle can be time-consuming, which reinforces the importance of choosing efficient and fast charging solutions.

In a world of renewable transportation, electric vehicle owners need charging solutions that will meet their changing needs. They are interested in saving time, maximum comfort and financial savings over time. Meeting these needs will be a significant factor in the success of the public's gradual transition to electric vehicles.

This is why the innovative and advanced charging solutions have become a critical component in the sustaining transportation infrastructure of the future. One of the most prominent models on the market is the EVR 22KW charging station, which offers unique advantages for electric vehicle owners.

The revolutionary charging station for your electric vehicle – the advantages of the 22KW model EVR charging station:

In an era of widespread transition to electric vehicles, charging stations have become a critical and central component of the modern transportation infrastructure. Prominent among the leading solutions on the market is the EVR model – the smart charging station with high performance.

What is special about the EVR 22KW charging station?

1. Fast and efficient charging – The charging station offers a maximum power of 22KW, which allows the electric vehicle to be fully charged in a much shorter time than normal stations. It saves you valuable time and provides maximum comfort.

2. Easy and advanced operation – The stand comes with a dedicated application that allows you to control the charging times, set the charging current and more. The connection to Bluetooth and WiFi adds accessibility and comfort.

3. Simple and easy installation – The stand is suitable for most common electric vehicle models in Israel, with a Type 2 connection. It can be installed at home, in the office or anywhere else as needed.

4. Security and quality guaranteed – The stand meets the strictest European quality standards, including waterproofing and dustproofing at the IP66 level. The full two-year warranty will give you additional security.

5. A particularly attractive price – Now, in a special launch, you can get the EVR 22KW charging station at an extremely affordable price, far below the normal market prices.

So if you own an electric vehicle or are considering switching to such a vehicle, the EVR 22KW charging station is the perfect solution that will make the experience much easier, faster and more economical. The affordable price and guaranteed quality make it the obvious choice for you.

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In addition to the fixed charging stations, a mobile charger for electric vehicles is an important addition to the charging infrastructure. A portable charger allows electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles anywhere and anytime, without depending on public charging stations only.

The stationary charging is not enough – the mobile charger for the electric vehicle that will change your driving experience

Portable charger for the electric car, also known as “grandmother's cable” among users, allows the electric vehicle to be charged anywhere, using a standard electrical outlet. It is suitable for all models of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids common in Israel.

Mobile charger specifications:

– Plug: Mode2 (Type2) suitable for most vehicles
– Connection: single phase 10A-16A
– Charging power: up to 3.6 kW
– Cable length: 5 meters
– LCD display for monitoring charging speed and duration
– High resistance to water and dust at the IP66 level
– Rigid design and able to bear the weight of the vehicle
– Includes a case for convenient storage and transportation

And what are its advantages?

1. comfort and stability: The mobile charger can be transferred between different places, which allows vehicle owners to charge their vehicles at home, at the office or anywhere else convenient for them.

2. Availability and access: The mobile charger provides access to charging anywhere and anytime, without depending on the availability of public charging stations.

3. Cost savings: Compared to charging through public stations, the mobile charger enables savings in charging costs, since it uses the cheaper home or office electricity.

4. Personal customization: The portable charger is adapted to the specific requirements of electric vehicle owners, in terms of power, features and compatibility with the vehicle model.

Combined with the fast charging stations at home or at work, the mobile charger is a perfect solution for electric vehicle owners. It gives them the flexibility and convenience to charge their vehicles anytime and anywhere, without depending only on the public charging infrastructure.

Thanks to its advanced features and durable design, the portable charger has become essential and in demand among electric vehicle drivers in Israel. It will change the experience of driving and charging your vehicle and make it easier, faster and more economical.

In conclusion, the charging station 22KW EVR model and the mobile charger for electric vehicles are leading solutions in the field of charging electric vehicles. They offer significant advantages in comfort, saving time and money, and support the expansion of the use of electric vehicles. Investing in this advanced charging infrastructure makes the experience of owning an electric vehicle easy, efficient and financially rewarding.

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