Are there aliens in the universe? This is the answer of billionaire Elon Musk

Are there aliens in the universe?  This is the answer of billionaire Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk, founder of prominent technology companies SpaceX and Tesla, expressed doubts about the existence of aliens. This is in response to the statements of Tucker Carlson, the American television star, who said that he believes in the existence of aliens: “There is a lot of evidence that they are under the sea and under the ground,” he claimed.

Musk wrote in response on the social network X (formerly Twitter): “I have not seen any evidence of the existence of aliens, and with about 6,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, I think I would know about it.”

In the past, Musk has expressed interest in extraterrestrial life, and in 2018 he wrote that it is not known if we are the only civilization alive in the visible galaxy. However, he now seems to question the existence of aliens.

Musk, who became a major defense contractor in the US thanks to his work at SpaceX, where he launches rockets and satellites for the US military, is now busy expanding the activities of his companies Tesla and SpaceX. He postponed a visit originally planned for April to India, and a meeting with the Indian prime minister about Tesla's launch in the Indian market, to later this year due to a “heavy workload” at the companies he owns.

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Many believe in the existence of aliens and other extraterrestrial civilizations in the galaxy or even outside it. The term “aliens” refers to living beings originating from outside the earth. Theories about their origin and technologies vary, but many assume that their life forms are more advanced than ours.

The United States space agency NASA (NASA) has conducted many studies in the field of extraterrestrial life. As part of the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project, they systematically scan the universe in search of signals of different life outside the Earth. So far, no evidence has been discovered obvious for their existence.

However, many scientists believe that the chances of finding life in one of the trillions of stars in the universe are very high. In 2017, several dozen Earth-like planets were found in other solar systems, that is, planets located in the “populated orbital zone” where temperatures are suitable for the existence of liquid water. These discoveries strengthen the theory that life exists in other places in the universe.

Astronomers also try to look for “techno-signals” such as unnatural radiation or strange occurrences, which could indicate the activity of advanced alien civilizations. So far no such clear evidence has been found, but research in the field continues.

In an interview with Fox News in 2020, former US President Donald Trump hinted that a secret military base in Nevada, known as Area 51, may contain artifacts related to extraterrestrial life.

Trump said in the same interview: “I'm not exactly sure what's going on there, but there are a lot of secrets about Area 51, and I've seen strange objects.”

Area 51 is an isolated and classified military base in southern Nevada that arouses much curiosity and theories among conspiracy theorists. Some claim that this base contains remains of alien objects or “parts” of abducted aliens.

However, the US military has never officially confirmed any connection of the site to aliens or extraterrestrials. Official explanations link Area 51 to secret military projects such as the development of advanced intelligence technologies.

Trump's words about Area 51 did bring media attention to the place, but did not provide actual evidence of a connection to extraterrestrials. There is still a bit of public interest in Area 51 and the conspiracy ideas surrounding it.

Closed military area - Area 51 in Nevada (illustration)
Closed military area – Area 51 in Nevada (illustration)

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