The senior journalist and TV presenter launches his new book

The senior journalist and TV presenter launches his new book

Senior journalist, TV and radio presenter Yoav Limor, chose to hold the launch of his new book “Heroes”, at the Ofer Grand Canyon, in Haifa, in collaboration with Tzomat Seferim and Hot Cinema.

As part of the launch, a meeting will be held with Yoav Limor, on Tuesday the 7th of May, which includes his lecture on the new book and the situation in the country. It will also be possible to purchase the new book at a special price on the day of the event, and Limor will sign the book, for those interested.

The book “Heroes” deals with the attack that began on Israel on October 7 – the most terrible failure the country has experienced since its founding. An attack that caught all systems off guard. Out of this inferno and in the face of failure and failure, many acts of heroism shone forth. The book Heroes mentions 80 heroes from the Black Sabbath, through them he tells what happened to them and to us during the terrible hours. Out of the terrible failures, a strength grew even in its most difficult hour, which will ensure that the State of Israel emerges strengthened and victorious.

Photo: Yuri Skbirsky / PR
Yoav Limor in his book Heroes
Yoav Limor in his book Heroes

At the end of the meeting, there will be a screening of the movie “Reality”, a surprising thriller that tells the story of a reality winner who returns home and discovers two FBI agents with a search warrant. The conversation unfolds, details are sought and thus one of the more enigmatic affairs in America in the Trump era exploded. Acclaimed actress Cindy Sweeney, based on FBI tape transcripts. The story of a young woman who caused a public uproar by leaking a classified document to the press.

The reality movie at the Grand Ofer Haifa PR photo
The reality movie at Grand Ofer Haifa. Photo: PR

19:00 – Autograph session with Yoav Limor
19:30 – Lecture on his new book “Heroes”
At the end of the lecture, the movie “Reality” will be shown
Cost: NIS 45
Place: The meeting will be held at the Hot Cinema complex in the Ofer Grand Mall, Haifa

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