“My God, my love, why do half the work?”

“My God, my love, why do half the work?”

Retired superintendent, Aryeh Amit, who served in his last position as commander of the Jerusalem District of the Israel Police, caused a stir following a tweet he posted on the social network X (formerly Twitter) after the car accident involving National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gabir yesterday.

“My God, my love, why do half the work?” wrote a colleague who received a lot of comments. “Precisely because of this poor level, the public vomits you out of their midst again and again. And you? You don't learn anything. Lucky for us.” One of the followers, David Hermlin, wrote to him. Another article, wishing someone to die? How far have we deteriorated..? Shame on you.”

Oren Buta, founder and chairman of the Independent Movement, wrote to Amit in response to the tweet: “I read several dozen of your tweets, from which it appears that you are a person full of hatred towards anyone who thinks differently than you. let me You are in the minority, you could not have succeeded even as a member of the Knesset in the opposition, if they had elected you at all, see Yoav Seglovitz's entry, most of the time he is silent, that is how he best survives the political cauldron, do you really wish that on your haters?”

As I recall, Minister Ben Gabir's car overturned at the Histadrut junction in Ramla, shortly after he left the The scene of the attack. In the documentation published on social networks, Minister Ben Gabir's car is seen crossing the intersection, when suddenly a car comes from his right and collides with it violently.

As a result of the force of the collision, the minister's vehicle overturns and civilians and members of the security forces arrive on the scene and assist in providing medical treatment to the injured minister. He was taken to Shamir Assaf Harofeh Hospital, where we were informed later in the evening that his condition is considered mild and that he will remain under observation for the night. His daughter, his driver and his security guard were also injured in the accident, all of them slightly. The driver of the second vehicle was moderately injured and was taken to Tel Hashomer Hospital.

Photo: Spokesperson of Shamir Assaf Harofeh Hospital

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