Land for investment in Kfar Saba – the winning combination between the city and the village and an investment for a green future

Land for investment in Kfar Saba – the winning combination between the city and the village and an investment for a green future

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Anyone who has had the chance to live in the city of Kfar Saba or in an area of ​​the city surely already knows and has noticed that Kfar Saba is undoubtedly one of the most communal cities that exist today. It currently numbers over 100,000 residents in the city who benefit from extensive community services both from public institutions and from the organizations of the city's residents who are known for their great contribution to the community.

In addition to the rich community life that exists in Kfar Saba, Kfar Saba is also known as a city that preserves its rural character relatively and as much as possible, as well as when it is in the midst of a construction boom, the municipality pays great attention to leaving extensive green public areas and the development of extensive public parks and gardens for the use of residents.

Today, there are almost no construction reserves left in Kfar Saba, and in fact they remain as the last construction reserves for the purchase of land for investment in Kfar Saba. If you are considering or interested in purchasing Land for investment in Kfar Saba, The Optimal Invest company will be happy to give you information and purchase options for land for purchase intended for future construction and expected to be thawed within a few years.

Among the leading projects in which land can be purchased in Kfar Saba is an entire complex in the north of the city, which we will expand a little on here, but of course for the full information you can use one of the real estate experts of the Optimal Invest company that markets these projects, those real estate experts will be happy to give you all the information required to establish a correct decision that will suit you in the most accurate way.

Ben Yehuda North project – a new and high-quality residential neighborhood on the agenda

As part of the future planning of the city and as part of the new outline plan, it was decided to promote and implement the last land reserve of Kfar Saba North. The area of ​​the plan is about 1300 dunams, it is expected to include about 9400 housing units and about 150000 square meters of commercial and employment areas. Alongside these, public institutions may be built to serve the residents – schools, kindergartens, public service buildings and more.

It is very important to understand that, despite the planning that is huge in its area and size, large areas of it will remain as green evidence and also there is a planning plan for the establishment of public parks for the residents to combine a natural landscape with an urban landscape. Of course, the residents of the neighborhood will not be spared shopping and commercial areas and recreation and leisure centers. All of these will be connected by a convenient and available connection to Grandfather Saba Park.

Prices versus profits

The lands that can now be purchased as part of the Ben Yehuda North project in Kfar Saba are only at the beginning of their journey, therefore, there is a window of opportunity in which it is possible to purchase land at particularly attractive prices, which as the process progresses will increase in value. The earlier you purchase land, and the longer you stay in the project and do not sell the land you already own in the first stages, the higher percentages of return are guaranteed to you.

Of course, it is not suitable for everyone and not everyone can invest large amounts and wait years ahead, therefore there is the option of an early purchase at an attractive price for the purpose of a short-term investment, an option that is suitable for smaller or more medium-sized investors, or wait patiently and reap the fruits in a few years that will yield you higher returns than 2 and more.

What's in the program?

On the agenda is the construction of a residential neighborhood that will include approximately 9,400 housing units and approximately 15,000 square meters of employment and commercial space. Without a doubt, this is going to be a modern and attractive district for many residents, and it will change the face of the city and attract more young families and thousands of new residents, people who are looking for One is to live in a city that provides all the possibilities in terms of children's education and employment and public services, and on the other, people who are looking for a life that is not 180 degrees away from nature. Kfar Saba is a city that provides all of these, and the new residential district that is about to be built in the north of the city will be a winning combination between bustling city life and maximum comfort. Next to village life and close nature within a short drive.

The Ben Yehuda North project in Kfar Saba, although it is at the beginning of its journey and in the procedures for official approvals, at the same time the company Optimal Invest We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to reach an educated decision for you – should you purchase land for investment in this project? When to do it? And what is the chance versus the risk involved. It should be noted that as the population in Israel grows, so does the need to create new housing units and residential neighborhoods in central cities. Therefore, it can be said that investing in future construction does not involve high risk, but it does require patience and patience, especially for long-term investors.

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