A call to collect olive oil originating in Turkey

A call to collect olive oil originating in Turkey

The importer “Taman Marketing Foods Ltd” calls for the return of a product – “Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil”, 750 ml capacity, originating in Turkey, according to the following details: Batch – BDZ AMR 25734-Z LOT: 350097547024. Production date – 10 /10/2023. Expiry date – 10/10/2025. Manufacturer's name – Umai Zaitinyaji Dis Tikrat Limited Circuit – Olive Oilsland. Subasi Maha. 228 SK. No: 6 Torbali/ Izmir, Turkey. Name of importer – Taman Food Marketing Ltd. 9 Atzmona St., E.T. Mishor Adumim 9851370, P.O. Box 138.

The importer published the call to the public after an inspection was conducted by the Ministry of Health, the Food Service Department and it was found that the product does not meet the definition of olive oil.

On their behalf it was stated: We are working to remove the product from store shelves. Customers in possession of the product with the above batch are asked to send telephone contact information and a contact person to the email address – [email protected] And we will be at your disposal.”

Photo: Taman Food Marketing Ltd

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