“Israel must respond sharply to the Turkish embargo”

“Israel must respond sharply to the Turkish embargo”

The President of the Association of Manufacturers, Dr. Ron Tomer, responded to the publications about the temporary reliefs on the part of Erdogan and said that “Israel needs to respond sharply to the Turkish embargo. Erdogan's concessions are an eyesore. This is a serious violation of the free trade agreement and it cannot go unanswered.''

“Turkey has proven that it is a country with an irresponsible leadership that hates Israel, at the same time, long-term alternatives for Turkey must be found. Because Erdogan did not change any policy, but only gave in to the pressure of some Turkish exporters who were stuck with goods to Israel. This only proves that from the beginning of the crisis, the Israeli government should have reacted sharply to the embargo decision and not come out weak against the Turks.'' he added.

“If we had reacted harshly from the beginning, Erdogan would have realized with the help of the leaders of the business community in Turkey that the attempt to harm us would hurt him more and the situation would not have deteriorated as it did. Now the only proper solution is to develop alternatives to trade with Turkey, so that we will not be dependent – neither on imports nor exports – on a country that is hostile to Israel. I call on the Ministers of Economy and Industry and Finance not to be ashamed of the Turkish announcement and to act reciprocally and immediately to impose appropriate levies on imports from Turkey,” he said in conclusion.

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