An exciting conversation from the cockpit between the President of the country and Aden Golan

An exciting conversation from the cockpit between the President of the country and Aden Golan

The President of the country, Yitzhak Herzog, spoke a short time ago (Sunday) with Aden Golan, Israel's Eurovision representative, while she was on her way back home on El Al flight LY142 from Malmo to Israel. The President greeted Aden and all the members of the delegation at 30,000 feet through the cockpit, and thanked Aden for representing the State of Israel with respect around the world.

The president turned to Aden and said: “Dear Aden, I want to thank you on behalf of the entire nation of Israel.” You had such a moving performance. We were very excited when we saw you both in the semi-finals and yesterday. *You brought us a lot of honor, a lot of courage and you stood proudly against all the haters of Israel and all kinds of attackers and anti-Semites. It was not an easy national task and I thank you very much.'*

Eden thanked the president and said: “Thank you very much, thank you for the privilege. The privilege to represent our country at such a crazy time. Thank you for all the work you did, and for all the help to make this happen, I really, really appreciate it, it goes without saying. It's something I'll never forget.'

The president replied to Aden: “This is why I insisted that we appear above every stage and we will not give up under any circumstances.” I think it is essential that Israel appears on every stage. May the good name of Israel and the beautiful voice of Israel be heard in every site and site and that we see more and more Israelis and we will not give up.”

'What was impressive was your mental fortitude. You stood up to boos and showed unusual mental fortitude. I want to tell you that we really salute you, from the bottom of our hearts, well done to you. I hope we get to see the same in the Olympics. This is an opportunity to say thank you to the broadcasting corporation that did an outstanding job, to its management and its team, throughout the entire process. In conclusion, I want to say that you really moved me, that you dedicated the song to the abductees and the abductees whom we pray will soon return home.” said the president in conclusion.

Yitzhak Herzog talks with Aden Golan

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