Objective coverage in the Middle East – this is the journalist who will receive the award

Objective coverage in the Middle East – this is the journalist who will receive the award

Journalist and news anchor Yonit Levy will receive an award for objective coverage in the Middle East by Robert St. John, during the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. This award was given for her journalistic activity that represents professional honesty and the representation of the truth without fear, as was also expressed Presenting the main edition and also the popular podcast UNHOLY.

The Robert St. John Prize for Objective Coverage in the Middle East is awarded by the Board of Trustees of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to reporters and journalists who cover the Middle East region. It is usually foreign journalists who receive the prize, but this year the winner of the prize is the Israeli journalist and presenter of the main news edition of Channel 12, Yonit Levy.

Levy served as a foreign correspondent for Gali IDF and News 12. In 2002, she began presenting the main news edition. Throughout her career, she conducted interviews with leaders from around the world, including US Presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton , ministers and ambassadors, as well as key figures in the world of business and culture. Over the years Levy has covered and accompanied historical and dramatic events around the world and in Israel, and since October 7 she has become the main face of the news in Israel, as she mediates the difficult reality for viewers with professionalism, intelligence and sensitivity.

These values ​​are also reflected in the podcast that Levi has been hosting since 2021 with the respected British journalist Jonathan Friedland, a member of The Guardian. The weekly episodes of “UNHOLY: Two Jews on the News” deal with the Israeli reality and the relationship between Israel and the Jews of the world, and have gained hundreds of thousands of listeners in more than 120 countries, who find in it not only a heated conversation between two experienced journalists but a reliable, in-depth and objective source of information about what is happening in Israel , especially since October 7. The combination of the presenters' points of view, from Israel and abroad, provides the podcast audience with a broader and more complex picture of reality, in broad, historical, geopolitical, economic, Jewish, and other contexts.

The awarded award was given by Robert St. John, an American foreign correspondent, author and lecturer, who covered the Middle East as early as 1948 with the war for Israel's independence. During a 70-year career characterized by morality, freedom of the press and passion for the profession, St. John covered for The years events such as the Eichmann trial, five of the Arab-Israeli wars, including the Lebanon war in 1982, even after he turned 80. He wrote a dozen books about the Middle East and Judaism, including biographies of Jamal Abdel Nasser and David Ben-Gurion She called him “our Gentile Zionist”.

Among the past winners of the award: Jerold Kessel – former CNN desk chief and former JPost editor, Marvin Kalb – CBS and NBC News reporter, Eitan Brunner – Israel desk chief and deputy editor at the New York Times newspaper, Zvi Yehezkali – Arab affairs reporter, News Channel 10, Jonathan Perziger-Bloomberg News Agency, Yosef Federman- Chairman of the International Section of Foreign Correspondents in Israel, Editor-in-Chief at the AP Agency, Franklin Fore- Former Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic.

The president of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Prof. Daniel Haimowitz: “We are all aware of the significant role of the media in mediating facts and events to the general public. The award is given for the ability to examine, deepen and criticize journalistic work, especially in this period when consciousness is dictated by many different factors. This is a historical role and he will preserve the narrative of the events for all of us.”

The award ceremony will be held at the end of the month as part of the Board of Trustees of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, during which there will be a discussion between Yonit Levy and her professional colleague, the journalist Nadav Eyal.

yonit Levi. Photo: PR

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