Anthony Blinken harshly criticized Israel

Anthony Blinken harshly criticized Israel

The United States is intensifying its tone towards Israel due to the continuation of military operations in the Gaza Strip and has sharply criticized the Israeli methods of action in view of the loss of the lives of innocent Gazans. In the media in the United States, the words of the American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, were described as “the harshest criticism heard from him since October 7th”.

As mentioned, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken hurled harsh words towards Israel during a TV interview on the CBS network for the show “Face The Nation”, while expressing deep dissatisfaction with Israeli tactics and a lack of preparation for the post-war phase. Blinken noted that the American administration “has not seen a clear and reliable plan for the protection of civilians” on the part of Israel, as well as no plan for the post-war period.

Blinken sharply criticized Israel's intention to launch an attack against the city of Rafah, which is a place of refuge for about 1.2 million Palestinian refugees, and warned against a massacre of the residents. “Perhaps they will have some initial success, but potentially at a terrible cost to the residents of Gaza, but one that is not durable and not sustainable. They will experience prolonged resistance and many armed Hamas members will remain, no matter what they do in Rafah, whether they stay there or leave Gaza, as we believe that they should do.” Bilinken said in reference to Israel's military operation in Rafah.

Blinken's harsh comments came after the US administration decided last week to halt the shipment of heavy bombs to Israel. According to reports, the move stemmed from a fear that the use of this heavy weapon in densely populated areas such as Rafah would cause severe harm to the residents.

Blinken pointed out that the findings of the Biden administration indicate that Israel apparently violated international humanitarian law in the use of weapons supported by the United States, in view of the high loss of life among the residents of Gaza.

The harsh criticism could cause further tension in relations between Washington and Jerusalem, which previously enjoyed almost blind support from the Biden administration. At the same time, Blinken clarified that “the United States continues to value its alliance with Israel, but we cannot close our eyes to events that raise concerns about the preservation of international humanitarian law.”

Photo: Amos Ben Gershom / L.A.M

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