The exciting music video of the Barzilai Medical Center Choir

The exciting music video of the Barzilai Medical Center Choir

The Barzilai Medical Center was at the forefront of the fighting on the terrible Saturday, October 7th. The employees of the medical center worked under fire, were exposed to terrible sights and horrors, took in hundreds of wounded people with varying degrees of injury and at the same time functioned heroically.

Out of grief and sadness, the song “Kema” was written, performed by the Barzilai Medical Center Choir. 20 family members from the Barzilai Medical Center team who lost their loved ones participated in the clip. The song, which was written in the wake of the events of the Shevah in October and the “Iron Swords” war, was written by Rinat Dror in preparation for the Memorial Day events for the martyrs of Israel's armed forces and the victims of hostilities in Israel. Dr. Moshe Labar, the composer, arranged and musically produced the song.

The medical center said: “The song is dedicated with great love to the families of the bereaved and the families of the abducted.” Also, the song is dedicated to our heroic soldiers. May they all return home soon safe and sound! A big thank you to the employees of the Barzilai Medical Center who work night and day from the seventh in October for the people of Israel!'

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