A former unit commander photographed dozens of women in restrooms

A former unit commander photographed dozens of women in restrooms

The Department of Police Investigations filed a short time ago (Wednesday) with the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court an indictment against Oren Ben Moshe, the former commander of the “Central Fraud” unit of the Israel Police, after he recorded dozens of naked women while they were using the unit's restrooms.

The indictment submitted by attorney Nathalie Hagai reveals that on numerous occasions, Ben Moshe secretly recorded dozens of naked women while defecating, using a police recording and surveillance device he installed. Later, in light of a malfunction in the device he installed, Ben Moshe asked the police representatives for a recording device added, on the grounds that he needed it for the benefit of an ongoing investigation, and installed it in the toilet cubicle. Ben Moshe took the recording devices from the cubicle on a daily basis and downloaded the videos to his computer.

On top of that, Ben Moshe used to enter the restrooms and secretly take pictures with his cell phone of various women while they were using the restroom. For example, in the afternoon, when one of the female police officers approached the cell, Ben Moshe entered the adjacent cell and took a picture of her with his cell phone through the partition between the cells. After the policewoman noticed a pair of hands through the partition and exited the bathroom upset, she approached Ben Moshe and described to him what happened. Ben Moshe reassured the policewoman and assured her that he would report what happened, while ordering her not to discuss the incident with other people.

Further to what was described above, after one of the female police officers finished evacuating, one of the recording devices installed by Ben Moshe was revealed to her. The policewoman entered Ben Moshe's office, together with another policewoman, handed him the device and updated him on the matter. Ben Moshe ordered the female police officers not to talk about exposing the device and said that he would handle the incident. Immediately afterwards, Ben Moshe approached the female police officers once more and falsely told them that he had informed the police investigation department and that they were sending an investigator to the unit. Afterwards, when he was asked by one of the female police officers about the investigation, he falsely detailed to her investigative actions that were allegedly being carried out by a detective in the unit, and ordered her not to talk about revealing the device.

The indictment attributes to Ben Moshe crimes of indecent act, invasion of privacy, abuse of official power, sexual harassment and harassment, and obstruction of justice.

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Oren ben Moshe indictment

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