A man stole dozens of boxes of baby food

A man stole dozens of boxes of baby food

The police prosecution filed an indictment this week against a resident of the center, in his 50s, on suspicion of dozens of thefts of baby food boxes in the center area for the purpose of selling them.

Ramla station investigators conducted an undercover investigation last month after complaints about dozens of systematic thefts of baby food boxes from branches of a well-known pharmacy chain in the center of the country.

The investigators identified an identical pattern of thefts of the food boxes: the accused used to steal baby food boxes in a personal bag from dozens of branches and sell them on the free market – the value of the thefts is estimated at tens of thousands of shekels.

The investigators carried out a variety of investigative actions that led to the identification and arrest of the accused. At the end of his investigation he was imprisoned, his detention was extended in court.

This week, the prosecution unit in the Central District filed an indictment with dozens of charges and a request for detention until the end of the proceedings against him in accordance with the findings of the investigation.

Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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