We deciphered the murder in Jadeida Makr, an indictment in the coming days

We deciphered the murder in Jadeida Makr, an indictment in the coming days

Coastal police officers of the crime fighting unit (ILF) Merhav who solved the case of the murder of Bilal Rashid that happened in Jadeida Melkar last month.
The police opened an investigation upon receiving a report of a shooting at a man in the village of Jadeida, a salesman shot at a man while he was sitting in his car, and as a result of the shooting, Bilal, a 40-year-old resident of Acre, was pronounced dead.

The district commander Superintendent Danny Levy assigned the investigation to the YLP who collected evidence and findings at the scene and collected testimonies from over 100 citizens and in the process managed to arrive and detain 13 suspects for questioning.
The investigation shows that on 4/15/24 in the evening hours while Bilal was sitting in his car, a suspect arrived in another car, got out of it, approached the victim and fired several bullets at him which resulted in his death and fled the scene.

On the same day, within a few hours of the incident, YLP investigators were able to locate the main suspect, an 18-and-a-half-year-old resident of Jadeida, an acquaintance, and arrest him for questioning. His detention was extended from time to time for 30 days until today. A prior acquaintance in which a financial conflict emerged between the victim and the suspect's family.

Today with the conclusion of the investigation, the police managed to establish an evidentiary infrastructure against the suspect and a prosecutor's statement was submitted against him with the intention of filing an indictment against him in the coming days for the crimes of murder and shooting and to request his arrest until the end of the proceedings.

Photo: Police spokesman

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