Permission to publish to a WordPress user by categories

Permission to publish to a WordPress user by categories

WordPress sites that have many users pose a considerable challenge in managing the organization of content and access to it. How can it be ensured that each writer will publish content in the places he is allowed only? The Category Role Restrictor plugin provides an efficient and simple solution to this challenge.

Plugin essence and core functionality
At the heart of the plugin is the ability to restrict access to categories for specific users. The site administrators can define which categories each user will be authorized to post content to, while ensuring proper organization of the content and limited access to authorized users only. Categories restricted from a specific user will simply not be shown to him in the editing screen of records, thus avoiding incorrect or unwanted posting.

Easy and convenient configuration
The plugin includes a user-friendly settings page where admins can set category permissions quickly and easily. Using an intuitive interface, you can easily mark and select the categories allowed for each user. Changing the settings will take effect immediately, without the need for further intervention.

Simple installation
Installing the plugin is an easy and quick process:
1. Go to the “Plugins” page in the control panel of your WordPress site.
2. Look for the extension “Limit categories by user” and install it. (You can also download the plugin – By clicking here)
3. After installation, confirm the activation of the plugin.
And there you have it, the plugin is installed and ready to use.

Setting category permissions
Once installed, head to the plugin's settings page under “Settings” in the Control Panel side menu. There you can view the list of users registered on the site. For each user, simply check the categories you want to allow them to post in. The plugin will take care of everything else.

If you want to change the settings later, there is no need to worry – you can update the permissions at any time. The changes will take effect automatically after they are saved.

Transparency to the user
For users, the experience remains simple and clear. When a user tries to create or edit a record, they will only see the categories allowed for them. Restricted categories will not be displayed in the interface at all, preventing situations of mistakes or unwanted advertising.

Implementation benefits
By using the “Limit categories by user” plugin, WordPress sites with many authors enjoy significant advantages:
1. Improved content organization – Each writer will publish content in the designated places, while maintaining a clear content structure and texture.
2. central control – Administrators centrally control the category permissions for each user, without needing restrictions in the user interfaces themselves.
3. flexibility – A change in permissions is available and convenient at any time, according to the changing needs of the site.
4. Prevents mistakes – Removing the irrelevant categories from the interface prevents situations of incorrect or unwanted advertising.

“Category limiter by user” is an essential tool for maintaining an organized and controlled content environment on multi-author WordPress sites. With its help, sites can enjoy the benefits of broad collaboration with the team of writers, while maintaining central control and security that the content will be published only in the designated places.

And if that's not enough, the plugin is open to code and contributions from the community, so you can continue to improve it according to changing needs. Join the growing user community of “category limiter by user” today, and guarantee your website quality and professional content organization!

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