The key to healthy weight loss and maintaining muscle mass

The key to healthy weight loss and maintaining muscle mass

When talking about a proper diet for weight loss, protein is one of the most important ingredients. Protein is the main ingredient for building and maintaining muscle mass, and its consumption is accompanied by significant benefits for a healthy process of losing body weight.

Studies show that protein has a higher thermic effect of food (TEF-Thermic Effect of Food) than carbohydrates or fats. That is, the body burns more calories during digestion and utilization of protein compared to other caloric sources. In addition, protein helps maintain a positive balance of muscle mass during a caloric deficit, which prevents a slowdown in the rate of metabolism and facilitates the weight loss process.

Just as consuming enough protein is important for healthy weight loss, the quality of the protein is also very important and it is better to get the protein the body needs from natural sources. Animal protein sources (eggs, fish, chicken and dairy products) are considered superior to plant sources, as they provide all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended to include natural and high-quality protein sources in your daily diet that will help you lose weight.

Get six natural and nutritious sources that are rich in protein:
1. eggs – Each egg contains about 6 grams of quality protein.
2. bean – Half a cup of beans has about 7.5 grams of protein.
3. Greek yogurt – 150 grams of Greek yogurt has about 17 grams of protein.
4. tuna fish – 80 grams of tuna has about 24.7 grams of protein.
5. Chicken Breast – 100 grams of chicken breast has about 26 grams of protein.
6. Walnuts – 30 grams of walnuts have about 4.3 grams of protein.

In conclusion, adequate consumption of quality protein from natural sources is an important part of a healthy weight loss process. The combination of the sources mentioned in the daily diet can greatly contribute to maintaining muscle mass, a normal metabolic rate, and a feeling of satiety over time – all of these are key to success in long-term and healthy weight loss.

Foods rich in protein help with weight loss

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