“It's a shame Netanyahu wasn't with them too”

“It's a shame Netanyahu wasn't with them too”

The chairman of the executive committee of Tel Aviv University, Eli Gelman, caused an uproar today (Sunday) after his correspondence in a private WhatsApp group was distributed on social networks.

Gelman responded to the news about the crash of the helicopter carrying the president of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, and wrote “It's a shame that Netanyahu wasn't with them as well – one accident can close a lot of problems for us and the world.”

One of the members of the group commented on Gelman's words and asked him to delete the message. Gelman replied to him: “With your permission, I will leave this comment. For the amount of damage he has done to the State of Israel, in a process that began 26 years ago ('mouth ejection' for foreign bullets that separates the left and the Jews) and is accelerating at an exponential rate – to blame an accident that will erase this scoundrel from our lives, it is not Totally excessive.”

Gelman also added in his response that “Netanyahu meticulously planned and carried out the destruction of the State of Israel, coldly and with the first intention – Guilty of first intention. He has no forgiveness.”

Finally, after another member of the group announced that the correspondence was leaked online, Gelman removed the messages he had written, but as mentioned the screenshots from the group had already leaked and reached the media.

On behalf of Gelman, it was stated in response that “the words were written in a private group, without any bad thought or intention, and were deleted in a very short time. Mr. Gelman deeply regrets this and expresses deep regret for the things he wrote. It goes without saying that they were not said within the framework of his public position.”

Member of the Knesset, Tali Gottlieb responded to the messages written by Eli Gelman and wrote on her X account: “Eli Gelman, when you die when you reach the age of 120 of course and not a minute before, you will be reminded of your wickedness. Everything you have done and achieved is worth as much as the skin of garlic. We will only remind you that at the time of the death of a president Iran, the head of the axis of evil in the accident, you are sorry that a Jew who also happens to be the Prime Minister who was elected in democratic elections was not killed either. You are indeed the chairman of the Tel Aviv University (supporter of terrorism) and maybe you are considered someone there, but you never forgot Resilience and above all because “Cursed is your soul” (Genesis 27)

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Eli Gelman
Eli Gelman. Photo: Mark Neiman, CEO

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