Dream about cockroaches? Get rid of the nightmare

Dream about cockroaches?  Get rid of the nightmare

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If you find yourself dreaming at night about cockroaches around the house, you are not alone. It's been a long time since this unimpressive insect has become an object of anxiety among women and men alike.
So how can you get rid of this nightmare? The answer is quite simple. carry out professional pest control. What is green pest control, and what are its benefits? How can you spray against cockroaches effectively, and how is the process carried out?
There is no need to dream, because everything you need to know is right here in front of you.

A dream about cockroaches according to Kabbalah

If you dreamed of cockroaches at night and you want to know what the dream means, you should try to remember the details of the dream. For example, did a large amount of cockroaches appear, where did it happen, inside the house, in the bedroom? Where were the cockroaches found and how did you feel when you saw them? Were they small or large, and what did they look like?
Usually, a dream about cockroaches is ambiguous, and its interpretation can refer to internal conflicts and problems in life, and on the other hand, it can indicate that you are looking for a change following certain difficulties.
According to Kabbalah cockroaches symbolize something negative but that can be overcome, so both in dreams and in reality, you should get rid of them

Where will you find cockroaches in your home?

Cockroaches are active mainly in the evening and late at night, and most likely during the day you won't even feel that they are there. The insects usually come out of their hiding places, while they grope for food sources.
Where do cockroaches usually hide around the house?

· Behind furniture – washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, especially in hot and humid areas around the kitchen or shower.

· Behind or inside electrical appliances – they can come from the water heater, the washing machine, behind the refrigerator, the dishwasher and the oven in the kitchen.

· Hot or busy places – basements, attics, warehouses, window frames, showers, near the sewers and in storage places.

How can cockroaches be prevented from entering the house?

1. Take care of a clean environment – do not leave leftover food or garbage in the yard and inside the house, make sure to order an exterminator to carry out pest control in your sewer area, and check the integrity of the plumbing.

2. Block holes and openings – cockroaches can climb and reach almost anywhere, whether it is the plumbing of the washing machine, the dishwasher or even the air conditioner. Also make sure to plug holes in the walls and doorframe openings.

3. Order a professional exterminator – professional extermination does not help get rid of cockroaches at that point of time only, but guarantees you peace of mind from cockroaches for several months to at least a year.

Green pest control against cockroaches – is there such a thing at all?

When you hear the term Green pest control , it sounds a bit contradictory. After all, cockroaches have an impressive reputation as insects capable of surviving a nuclear attack, so how can a green pest control be useful against them?
Green pest control is actually an advanced pest control method, which uses substances with a reduced level of toxicity, compared to the conventional method.
Green pest control is suitable for populated places such as homes, offices, educational institutions, places that provide services to residents, restaurants, cafes, hotels and in any environment that has life.

How do you exterminate cockroaches with a green pesticide?

In most cases, they will use a material of the Maxforce gel type intended for cockroaches, which is actually a gel bait designed to eliminate the entire kingdom of cockroaches around.
The material is produced in Germany from a company
BAYER and has a reduced dose of toxins and chemicals. The composition includes an active substance of 0.05% FIRPONIL which is not harmful to humans and pets.
Not sure what substance your exterminator uses and what the consequences are? You can always consult the exterminator before carrying out the extermination, inform him about the children and babies in the area, as well as the pets you have.

Green pest control against cockroaches – what are the main advantages?

1) Reduced use of toxins and chemicals – unlike pest control with substances such as organic phosphorus, using more environmentally friendly substances reduces the chance of damaging the environment.

2) Protecting the environment – green pesticides are more suitable in places like houses, restaurants, near children, animals, pregnant women, in an environment with plants and living creatures.

3) Reduced or odorless – green pest control is often odorless, so you can return home safely, without feeling unpleasant odors for hours.

How should you prepare before spraying against cockroaches?

· In the kitchen area – it is recommended to empty the kitchen cabinets so that the exterminator can carry out the work Thoroughly spray against cockroaches , and of course pack all the food products and seal them completely. Food items and utensils for serving food must be kept away from the counter, table and shelves.

· In the shower area – keep away personal items such as a toothbrush, soap, bath sponge or any item that you usually use in direct contact with the body.

· Around the house – move furniture away from the walls, babysit the children and keep pets completely away from the spray area, including their food bowls and toys.

What should be done after carrying out pest control against cockroaches?

1) Consult with the pest control company – you should check what the recommended safety procedures are and how you should drive.

2) Washing the house – according to the instructions you received, you should wait to wash the floors after spraying. The floor can usually be washed after about two days.

3) Entering the house – whether it is a house with animals or small children, here too it is recommended to consult the pest control company regarding the instructions. In most cases, you can be away from home between 2 and 6 hours.

How do you spray against cockroaches effectively?

The type of cockroach

American cockroach

German cockroach

How to carry out pest control

In private homes, the extermination will include the use of environmentally friendly materials with reduced toxicity, paying attention to the surroundings of the sewage pits, injecting a substance into the sewage and eliminating all the cockroaches in the environment.

Eliminating German cockroaches in a private home is different and more challenging, since German cockroaches are resistant to the substances used against American cockroaches. Therefore the exterminator will identify that it is indeed a German cockroach.

Which method is appropriate?

The pest control method combines the use of gel baits to eliminate all cockroaches in the environment, or targeted spraying depending on the amount and situation in the field.

The extermination method includes applying a formulation of a dedicated gel against the German cockroach, which has a reduced level of toxicity and is suitable for a human environment.
The formula is applied to all the infected areas, and sometimes the treatment requires continuity and monitoring until they are eliminated.

how long does it last

Green pest control can last up to a year

The duration of the treatment can take up to a month, but is expected to last for a long time

In conclusion about a dream about cockroaches

A dream about cockroaches can cause a night full of horror and fear, and it may be that you really experienced a cockroach that really walks on you at night and reality entered the dream, it even happened to me as a certified exterminator a few years ago who was walking on a cockroach at night and indeed I dreamed about it and when I wake up at night I see c Wok on my face..
The best treatment to sleep peacefully at night against them is to thoroughly disinfect the house against cockroaches with a certified exterminator.

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