Psychometric courses – which psychometric course is the most recommended

Psychometric courses – which psychometric course is the most recommended

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Thousands of students studying for the psychometric test are looking for a psychometric course that will help them maximize their score on the exam. Should you choose a promotion because of the smart board, inIQ Because of the advertising or in Mor Koren because of the high grades? We set out to check what tools the psychometric courses give to the student in the course.

Thousands of students looking for a psychometric course do not know what to check and how to compare the different courses, and sometimes enroll in the course just because of the advertisement without checking its content!

Why is it important to compare psychometric courses?

A “standard” course can add about 20 points to your grade, and a course that invests more in you can boost your grade by about 130 points or even more. It is essential if you get 550 or 680 points in the exam!

What should be compared?

It is important to check and compare several components and not settle for a course that only provides a partial answer.

In order for you to know the most important elements, we talked with students who studied for the psychometric test – some of them were helped by the course and some even studied in two different psychometric courses. So let's go to the results:

small class – Everyone knows that a small and homogeneous class improves the learning conditions for all students. We found in the survey many students who were not satisfied when they found themselves during the course in a class of about 34 students, even though they were promised personal treatment!

Our recommendation – check how many students at most will study with you in the class. Ideal size is 10 students.

The results of the survey: in promotion there were about 28 students in the class; In Yoel Geva – about 38; In Mor Koren – about 10 students.

study meterials – Many students do not check the study materials. Studying old textbooks with low-level questions that will not appear in the exam is less recommended.

It is important to make sure that the questions in the books are similar in style and level to the questions in the final exam.

Our recommendation is to compare the textbooks of several courses. This is the only way to see the differences.

Results of the survey: We found study materials with a variety of questions at different levels of difficulty at Mor Koren.

Recorded lessons – Most likely, you will miss a lesson or two during the course. Completing the material alone is difficult. That's why it's worth checking that the course records the lessons.

In addition, there are courses that allow flexibility. That is, you can study in class or zoom from home.

Our recommendation is to check that the course allows for flexibility in course days, study hours and the possibility of combining study in the classroom and viewing from home.

Survey results: IQ, Mor Koren and other courses respond to the need for flexibility.

Grade – The factor that should guide the student in choosing a course is the grade! Today the national average is only 534! It is sad to discover that a large part of the courses fail to help the student improve the grade significantly.

We found many students who felt that studying in a course of about 30 students did not contribute to them. There were students who complained that most of the time they just warmed the chair instead of studying!

Our recommendation – do not compromise on the grade check and ask to see students' grades from recent dates.

The results of the survey: we found the highest scores in students who studied in the course of Moore beamingan average score of 638 points.

In light of the results, we decided to surprise Mor Koren and went to visit the school. We were positively impressed by the set of books, the team of teachers and the hundreds of opinions of course graduates.

Below are the words of a student who studied in Mor Koren's course.

Mika Ben Barak: This is the first course I am taking and I am really satisfied!

small classes; Personal attention; A fun learning experience SAT Course At Moore Koren's. I had fun coming to classes.

We received help and answers to every question, plus help in developing a personal strategy.

Really recommend!

In conclusion: want to compare Psychometric courses ? Check how many students will sit in the class with you; How many years of experience does the instructor have and what grades have students received in recent times. This is how you will correctly choose the most recommended psychometric course.

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