These are the countries that are expected to recognize a Palestinian state

These are the countries that are expected to recognize a Palestinian state

According to a report by the Reuters news agency, two European countries, Ireland and Norway, are about to join the growing number of countries that recognize the existence of an independent Palestinian state.

The Irish government is expected to officially announce this step during the day (Wednesday). The Irish announcement will follow a similar decision by the Norwegian government to also recognize a Palestinian state, as well as Spain, Malta and Slovenia.

The declarations of the two European countries are a continuation of a growing trend in the international arena of supporting the Palestinian people's struggle for independence and self-determination in their own country. In recent years, more and more countries around the world have chosen to recognize Palestine as a state, despite Israel's opposition.

As of today, out of the 193 member states of the United Nations, 139 have already officially recognized a Palestinian state, although until now most of them were countries that do not belong to the Western bloc. However, in recent times, against the background of the war between Israel and the terrorist organizations in Gaza and the ongoing stagnation in promoting peace between the parties , there is a trend of changing positions among Western countries as well. On May 10, the UN General Assembly granted Palestine powers similar to those of a member state, with the support of an overwhelming majority of 139 countries, including many Western countries such as France, Greece, Australia and Japan. . On the other hand, only 8 countries opposed the decision, led by the USA and Israel.

This shift in the map of international support for the Palestinians largely reflects the deterioration of Israel's position in the global arena. The growing recognition of the Palestinian people's right to self-determination, even by countries that were previously considered friendly to Israel, indicates a deep frustration with the lack of political progress and the erosion of international legitimacy for Israel's policy in the conflict.

The countries' decision to recognize a Palestinian state is not enough to force a political settlement on Israel against its will, but it certainly creates cumulative pressure on the leadership in Israel to change direction and restart negotiations with the Palestinians. At the same time, the growing international recognition strengthens the bargaining position of the Palestinians and gives them unprecedented diplomatic leverage in their struggle to achieve independence.

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