A powerful explosive device was seized in a residential building

A powerful explosive device was seized in a residential building

A 34-year-old suspect was arrested for questioning following the discovery of an explosive device in an apartment in Kiryat Haim.

During a proactive operation carried out by detectives and police officers of the Zebulon station in Hoof district, against serious crimes including the possession of weapons and drug trafficking, yesterday (Wednesday) the police officers uncovered substances suspected of being drugs in an apartment in Kiryat Haim, and also in the courtyard of the building they discovered a powerful explosive device with approximately 2 kg Explosives, removed and ready for use, which are suspected to be intended for criminal use by criminal elements.

A coastal district saboteur who was called to the scene by the police arrived to handle the explosive device until it was neutralized as too dangerous and said “if it had exploded there would have been great damage”. The items and drugs were seized and transferred to the forensics laboratories of the Israel Police for evidence extraction.

The suspect, a 34-year-old resident of Kiryat Haim, was arrested for questioning at the Zebulon station in Sioma, and his detention was extended until 5/27/24 after an appeal by the police in my district against the decision to release him.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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