“I will not be a partner in building the next concept”

“I will not be a partner in building the next concept”

The member of the political security cabinet, Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich, left the cabinet discussion this evening (Thursday) and addressed the demands directed at him.

Smotrich said, “I left the cabinet discussion early, the defense minister and the chief of staff refuse to establish the public committee to review the defense budget. The cabinet began and instead of discussing the destruction of Hamas and the return of the abductees, the return of security to the residents of the north and the Palestinian Authority, which is behind the legal and political struggle against Israel in Umm and The Hague, the Ministry of Defense began to raise its financial demands and make claims to the Ministry of Finance.

He also said, “Since the professional elements of the Ministry of Finance were not invited to the discussion and since it was an attempt to cynically bypass the discussion in the committee for examining the defense budget, I announced that it can be discussed next week with the professional elements, until then I'm wasting my time.”

The Minister of Finance concluded, “The senior command in the IDF insists on not drawing lessons from the poor preparation before October 7. The security establishment insists on continuing to behave arrogantly and recklessly towards anyone who dares to challenge its thinking. I will not be a partner in building the next concept.”

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