An honorary doctorate will be awarded to singer Shlomo Artzi

An honorary doctorate will be awarded to singer Shlomo Artzi

Tel Aviv University will award an honorary doctorate to singer Shlomo Artzi for his extraordinary contribution to Israeli music and culture.

In the reasons for the award, the committee for awarding honorary doctorate degrees of Tel Aviv University stated that “Artzi's songs are the soundtrack to the maturation and shaping of Israeli society. Through his music, he captured the essence of Israeli society.”

Photo: Tel Aviv University spokesperson

Also, Shlomo Artzi also receives the honorable title for his social activity and his great contribution to the periphery, either in volunteer work in community centers, or in his many appearances over the years, in communities such as Yeruham and Ofet Gaza (including the creation of infrastructure that did not exist in these communities). In this context It should be noted that since October 7, Shlomo Artzi has often volunteered at concerts for soldiers, visited the wounded in the hospital, and performed at the funerals of martyrs.

The committee added in its reasoning and stated: “Shlomo Artzi is one of the elite in Israeli culture and he uses over the years his unique talent to outline the contours of Israeliness through songs and chants. His social activity shows how special he is and there is no doubt that he represents the best of Israeli society.”

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