Suspicion of thefts by a group of cashiers

Suspicion of thefts by a group of cashiers

Following a report received by Zichron Ya'akov police officers from the “Rami Levy” branch in the city complex, the suspicion arose of thefts by a group of cashiers at the branch and their partners. According to the suspicion, the group companies and partners loaded carts with products, transferred most of them at the cash register without charge and finally paid an amount lower than the value of the products.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

After conducting overt and covert investigative operations, the method of operation was revealed, in which the cashiers moved the cash register to a state where a purchase scanning sound is played, but no charge is actually made. The investigators recorded about 70 different incidents and arrested the suspicious cashiers along with other suspects residents of Jasr al-Zarqa and Pouridis – about 50 indictments were filed against those involved.

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