The cellular companies will receive NIS 28 million to expand coverage in the area

The cellular companies will receive NIS 28 million to expand coverage in the area

At the end of the preparation procedure, the Ministry of Communications approved to the cellular companies Cellcom, PHI (Hot Mobile and Partner) and Pelephone their proposals for the implementation of the allocated budget for the purpose of expanding the answer to the energy continuity in the critical cellular sites in the north of the country.

Under the guidance of the Minister of Communications Dr. Shlomo Karai, and as part of the Ministry of Communications' preparations for the northern attribution scenario, the Ministry allocated, at this stage, NIS 28 million to the cellular companies in order to ensure the continued functioning of the cellular sites deployed in the Haifa metropolis.

Communications Minister Dr. Shlomo Karai: “This initial budget for the North is just the beginning. We will work to obtain the necessary budget for energy consolidation throughout the country, with an emphasis on the conflict areas in the north, south, Yosh and surrounding Yosh.
The current allocation will allow the North to better deal with the Alta scenario and routine and emergency power outages, and maintain life-saving communication continuity.
I thank the Rachel and its leader for the joint effort, and the cellular companies for the quick mobilization. Thanks to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who from a broad perspective approved this important budget.”

The Director General of the Ministry of Communications, Adv. Einval Meshash: “One of the most important infrastructures in times of emergency is the cellular network. The Ministry of Communications has allocated millions of shekels to ensure functional continuity and will continue to work in cooperation with the cellular companies and Tel Aviv to speed up preparations to back up the cellular infrastructure of cellular endpoint sites in the north of the country and provide solutions that will ensure that even in a situation of power outages in the north, the cellular communication network will continue to operate and help save lives.”

The amounts were allocated to the three companies according to their performance in the support tests defined by the Ministry of Communications. Each according to the support tests defined by the ministry, in favor of energy concentration for cellular sites following the reference scenario while focusing on the Haifa metropolis. According to the requirement of the Ministry of Communications, the backup operations on the cellular sites must be completed by July 30, 2024.

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