Planning an event? Be prepared to receive compliments

Planning an event?  Be prepared to receive compliments

The event industry is being renewed by a relatively new player who is completely changing the field of design. Mirror ball – is a company that imports special decor balls that give events the “wow” effect!

Producing events successfully relies on gimmicks and innovations.
This is a significant reinforcement to the field of decor at events, in the form of decorative balls of various sizes. The balls inflate and stretch while being placed, for example, in a pool or above the dance floor and come in different colors.

The owner of the company, Yaron Turgeman, is in his twenties and has a rich resume in the field. In the past he served as a bartender in the field and became an importer of equipment which he rented out for special events. He says: “I found an unusual decorative solution, which turns a special event into an unforgettable visual celebration. Designed balls in sizes from sixty cm to three meters allow you to design the event in a way that squeezes exclamations of admiration from the surprised guests. Recently, we built innovative designs that are placed, for example, at the entrance to stores and installed on the ceiling on the dance floor at weddings and pool parties.”

Photo: Kafir Asraf

When we arrived at one of the events designed by the Mirror ball company, we discovered black and silver balls that were stretched and created a mirror effect. You can only imagine what happens at the event when the balls start to inflate…

The impressive design was perfectly integrated with the lighting at the event and made the party trendy and luxurious. At another event we watched balls floating on the surface of the pool, held firmly by small weights, creating a design that was done with great talent. The balls floating on the surface of the water created a festive touch for the event and served as a perfect decoration. The trend is also catching on at company events, hennas and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Turgeman added: “There are many possibilities to design an event using the balls. It all depends on the amount of balls requested and the colors. This renews the field of event design and enables great gameplay for each individual event.”

Event producers show great enthusiasm for the new trend. The young man from Ashdod is one of the only people involved in this field in Israel and probably the only one who focuses only on it, but he has plans for the future: “I plan to expand in the import field and want to develop in other directions in the field of event settings. It is an industry that is always renewed and new trends emerge.”

Regarding the field under the current security situation in Israel, he explains: “When there is an event, people want to celebrate and invest. When they think of a wedding or a special party, everyone is looking to do something special, that will surprise. My project makes it possible to give guests a luxurious experience and upgrades all the lighting that is directed to the hall. It's fun and exciting to see the guests surprised by a world-class design. You can see the great excitement of the bride and groom when they realize how the extension is going to look. My design allows for a kind of concave mirror that reflects the entire extension Different in a confusing design effect that gives an unusual low-ceilinged look or the lowering of the dance floor that becomes intimate.”

From conversations with guests at several events, it appears that the project completely changes their experience of the event. Families who hosted weddings and parties testified that they received compliments and great reactions on the fine design.

The owner's recommendation is to rent at least 6 balls for a beautiful design. The prices of the packages range from 2800-5500 NIS and you can rent up to 20 balls for the event. As the customer rents more balls, the average price per ball decreases.

To Yaron Turgeman's credit, it is said that he is generous and accommodating so that if he thinks that an additional effect is needed for the sake of a dreamy design, he will provide additions and increase the balls at no additional charge in order to maintain the artistic side at a perfect level.

The balls are only used for decoration and cannot be played with because they are made of PVC material. The balls are strong and fixed to maintain the designed design. Everything is approved by an engineer who approves the hanging from a safety point of view.

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Yaron Turgeman - Mirror ball - event design
Photo: Kafir Asraf

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