“There are people living among us full of self-hatred”

“There are people living among us full of self-hatred”

Social advocacy activist Yosef Haddad responded to the monologue of the writer and publicist Dr. Margalit (Maggie) Otzi that was broadcast on Channel 13 and caused an uproar and said: “I don't know who she is, whether she is a spokesperson for Hamas or an anti-Israel protester they brought from Columbia University or just some troll they found. But to give her a platform to discredit and generalize the IDF and all our fighters while they are fighting on the front and falling every day to protect the country is simply a shame and disgrace and above all a huge humiliation.”

As I recall, Utzi harshly criticized the IDF and claimed that it is no longer “moral and it is not that much of an army either.” The IDF has turned from the Israel Defense Forces into the West Bank police force. From the protector of Israel to the oppressor of the territories. This is one of the reasons for its poor performance in the massacre.”

She also added that “since Elor Azaria, the police have been investigating and texting.” These soldiers will no longer be convicted either. But later we will cry that Haag is anti-Semitic, because that's what we Israelis are. Shooting and whining.”

Haddad made it clear that “it is impossible to voice different opinions, and it is certainly possible to voice legitimate criticism. But to incite, to generalize and certainly to convey the narrative of Israel haters and more on our screen is already a red line.”

The social activist emphasized that “If Hamas had fought the army of any other Arab country, Gaza would have been wiped out a long time ago. Thanks to the fact that the IDF is the moral army in the world, this does not happen.”

Lautzi said: “You don't deserve the sacrifice of our heroes from all of Israeli society – Jews and Arabs who sacrifice their souls so that you can smear them in air-conditioned studios. I will never be able to understand how even after they slaughtered, raped, kidnapped and burned our families, there are still people living among us Self-hatred who are sure that we are the problem. They are the so-called “useful idiots” of the Hamas terrorist organization, nothing more.

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