Now it's final! Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg broke up

Now it's final!  Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg broke up

After almost a year since they returned to each other's arms, the singer Eyal Golan and his wife Daniel Greenberg decided to separate for good. According to sources close to the couple, the decision to separate was made by mutual consent after several attempts to restore the relationship and strengthen the family unit.

Photo: Instagram Eyal Golan

In recent weeks, reports of a major fight between the couple have fueled speculation about the future of their relationship. Although Greenberg reassured followers last week and clarified that there is no crisis between them, it seems that the decision to part ways was already in the air.

Golan and Grinberg, parents of two children – three-year-old Miel and one-and-a-half-year-old Ron, will remain close friends and continue to raise their children together. Despite the original plans, Greenberg will remain living in her separate house and will not move in with Golan.

The celeb couple began dating in late 2018 and married in March 2020. However, in December 2021 they announced their intention to divorce, but surprised everyone when they returned to each other's arms last October.

Since their “comeback”, there have been hints of a crisis under the surface, but the couple have denied the rumours. Now, after repeated attempts to restore the relationship, it seems that the decision to part ways is final.

Daniel Greenberg - Eyal Golan
Photo: Instagram Eyal Golan

Despite the unfortunate separation, Golan and Greenberg are determined to remain in close friendship and continue to raise their children together, while maintaining a healthy and respectful parenting relationship.

About a month and a half ago, in the last post that Greenberg uploaded to her Instagram page, in which the two were seen in the picture in the pool kissing, she wrote on the occasion of Golan's birthday: “To my mother, the most significant man in my life… the father of my children forever, I want to wish you from the depths of my soul, first of all, strong and world-breaking health It's no secret that we've been through ups and downs together, the hardest times.. and it turns out that the Holy One, blessed be He, is watching over us, so who can beat us ✨”

“So I want to say thank you for the first time, thank you for not letting us give up our temple, thank you for the here and now, for this time when our children are so happy and happy to have a loving and united mother and father back.” Greenberg wrote and added, “I am proud of you and your path, diligence, investment, persistence in a profession for years… and this is much more than a profession, it is a mission and a huge privilege. The amount of people you know how to make happy and strengthen, move and unite. You are a gift – my gift, our family's And of a whole country. I love you and I wish that we will continue to build worlds together, that we will continue to gain experiences and of course love true love. Happy birthday Dancho.

As mentioned, the love story of Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg has come to an end, but their relationship as parents and friends is expected to continue. It can be hoped that the two will find happiness in separate ways, while maintaining harmony for the sake of their common children.

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