The Shirman Natural method – get ready to receive compliments

The Shirman Natural method – get ready to receive compliments

Dr. Ital Shirman is the high priestess of anti-aging in Ashdod and its surroundings. Shirman is 31 years old, signed up to an innovative and unique method, which includes various techniques, creating a young, fresh, healthy and natural look.

Dr. Ital Shirman

At the entrance to her luxurious clinic in Ashdod, we met female patients from the age of 21 to 70. We talked to several of them, who explained that they wanted to stay young, but without getting an “overdone” look.

A 50-year-old former model said: “Ital is unique in its field. She has technique and the ability to produce subtle change. You can see that I look much better, but you can't see the injections directly.'

Ital Shirman has built a tremendous community around the field of medical aesthetics. By profession, she is a dentist, and she applies her experience in the field with gentle treatment techniques, while she exudes patience and always smiles.

Dr. Shearman thoroughly researched all the ingredients: hyaluronic acid, botox and other anti-aging ingredients.

Dr. Shearman cleared her throat and answered our questions: “Both women and men are aware of the fillers that are done from a young age in different areas of the face. Skin texture is a line that occupies a global volume. Facial aesthetics directly affects the possibility of looking young and fresh.'

A local doctor we spoke with testified that he himself refers women who wish to treat their lips so that they look beautiful and natural.

Ital Shirman: “The process begins when I review the patient's condition and present her with a treatment plan. The ultimate goal is to adapt my method of treatment to the final result – a natural look that blurs wrinkles and fills deep wrinkles. The new method clearly delays aging.”

Shirman explains that the face is divided into different areas. The areas that usually require urgent treatment are: forehead – between the eyebrows and on the sides of the eyes. Dr. Shirman taught us that it is precisely from these areas that facial mimicry comes. The goal is to weaken the movement of the muscle to the engine deepening the wrinkle.

Dr. Ital Shirman
Dr. Ital Shirman

From a tour of the pleasant clinic, we learned that hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles and recreates the appropriate facial volume. Women we met there said that they come once every four months on average.

Dr. Shearman became an authority in the field. Hundreds of regular patients came as a result of word of mouth recommendations. We also met women who came after treatments at other clinics, to make repairs. This happens due to the feeling of security created by Ital.

We were present at an introductory conversation and were impressed by Dr. Shearman's great conversational ability. She is professional, pleasant and has high service ability. The work plan she presents is particularly suitable for women who do not like excessive looks, for example a woman who looks in the mirror and the first wrinkles start to bother her.

As treatment is started at an earlier age, future wrinkles are avoided. Dr. Shirman's reputation brought to her a variety of doctors who want to add the subject of injections to their basket of products. Ital conducts small and intimate courses for various doctors.

Before we left Dr. Shirman's clinic, fascinated and optimistic, we were exposed to the current promotion at the clinic: treatment in three areas in 997. This is the forehead area, the area between the eyebrows and the sides of the eyes.

As we promised you in the title – get ready to receive compliments!

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