Levinson presents a Wikipedia entry on the State of Israel in 2029

Levinson presents a Wikipedia entry on the State of Israel in 2029

Journalist and TV presenter Haim Levinson posted on his Twitter page an alleged Wikipedia entry about the State of Israel in which it was written about the State of Israel in the past tense after it “collapsed and most of its residents left it”. In the post with the addition of the date, Levinson wrote: “Soon.”

Photo: from Twitter Haim Lonson

In a photograph published by Levinson, which is believed to be of Wikipedia value, it is written that “Israel was a country in the Middle East, in Southwest Asia, which was located on the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel was established in the territories of the Land of Israel, the national home and homeland of the Jewish people. The country declared its independence in Bayer 578, May 14, 1948, and the system of government in which it was a parliamentary democracy. On November 2, 2029, the State of Israel collapsed, most of its residents left it, and today there remains an Orthodox and Messianic Jewish minority, whose estimated number is about 25 thousand, alongside an Arab majority.”

It is also written: “Today it is ruled by an Arab-Muslim confederation consisting of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, the Hezbollah organization and the Hamas movement, and it is called Palestine. The territory is divided into cantons, and the Jewish minority is scattered among them. The leaders of the Jewish minority are Itamar Ben Gabir, Hanmal Dorfman, Amiram Ben Oliel Vigal Amir. Unlike in the past, Jews in Palestine do not have doctors, engineers, technologists, and they are forced to accept services from the Arab majority. Most of the Jews are engaged in agriculture and religious studies.”

“Historical studies state that the State of Israel collapsed due to the development of a cult under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. Although Netanyahu was a weak and narcissistic leader, he managed to gather around him a group of admirers and flatterers, including senior ministers, Knesset members from his party and members of the media, which was characterized by ignorance, laziness, messianism and a poor human level The sect that became known as the “Bibist sect” regretted its incitement to ignorance, corruption and violence, along with its separation from the nations of the Western world, which led to the economic, social, security and political collapse of Israel, its transformation into the second most extreme and fundamentalist country in the Middle East, along with Iran, and the departure of millions of residents who held the The country is on their shoulders. A week before the collapse of Israel, its army, the IDF, which was considered the strongest in the Middle East at its peak, also collapsed.

At the end it is written that “a few hours before the final collapse of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu fled from it in the dead of night together with his wife Sarah, using a plane called the “Wing of Zion”. They refused to allow several dozen of their followers to board the plane with them, and in fact abandoned them. The Netanyahu couple now live Together with their son Yair in a fortified mansion in Florida, the exiled leader Netanyahu demands that he continue to be called “Prime Minister”, and claims in interviews that he intends to return to Israel and lead it.

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