The United States and Great Britain provided information that helped rescue the abductees

The United States and Great Britain provided information that helped rescue the abductees

According to a report in the New York Times, the United States and Great Britain helped significantly in the success of the rescue operation today (Saturday) in the Nusirat camp. The American and British intelligence forces, located in Israel since the outbreak of the conflict, collected and processed crucial information regarding the location of the abductees in the Gaza Strip.

According to the report, the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) collected data through drone flights over Gaza and interception of Hamas communications. This information enabled possible identification of the location where the four abductees were held. In addition, intelligence assistance was also provided to locate the location of senior Hamas officials.

American officials said that the main goal of the intelligence efforts was to promote the rescue of all the abductees and damage to the leadership of the terrorist organization, with the aim of bringing about an agreement to a cease-fire on the part of Israel. Apart from the current intelligence, it was reported that a team of American experts arrived in Israel to advise the IDF regarding the execution of the rescue operation. However, it was emphasized that the foreign teams did not take part in the planning or execution of the mission itself.

President Biden welcomed the rescue of the Israeli hostages and promised to continue to work for the release of the other hostages and to achieve a stable ceasefire. His national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, also praised the Israeli security services for the successful operation and said that the United States supports the negotiation efforts or any necessary step to release all the remaining abductees.

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