When is it recommended to change implants?

When is it recommended to change implants?

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They can be with you for a decade or even more, but sometimes it's time to replace them with new ones. Quality implants are intended for long-term use, but in certain personal or health circumstances, you should consider replacing them with new implants. This is not a simple decision, and to make the right choice it is recommended to consult with plastic surgeon an expert in the field.
Here are some points to think about as a start.

Medical reasons for replacing implants

Over the years, the implants sometimes feel like an integral part of the body. But even when the surgery was performed to the woman's satisfaction, there may be complications later that require treatment. Among other things, Replacement of implants may be required in the following circumstances:

  • Hardening the box: This type of situation is common in the older implants, when the breast feels hard and unnatural and its appearance also looks stiff. This condition occurs because the immune system reacts to the implant and creates a connective tissue (also known as a “box”) wrap around it in order to isolate it. In this case it is very important to contact the attending physician.
  • Rupture of implants and leakage: Like any other material, implants are also exposed to wear and tear, and the older the implant, the greater the chance of rupture. According to the statistics, after about 10 years 10% of the implants will leak and after 20 years already 20% of the implants will leak. To verify the integrity of the implant, it is important to perform periodic tests according to the instructions of the attending physician and replace the implant when necessary.

Change in personal situation and personal needs

Change is a natural part of life. And what suited us at the age of 20 will not necessarily suit our character and our life at the age of 40. It is possible that ten years ago we chose an implant of a certain volume and a certain shape, but at this stage of life we ​​may require a different type of implant.

Our body also undergoes changes over time, and a breast with implants that looks upright and impressive at the age of 20 or 30 may need, at an older age, additional treatment to rejuvenate the appearance and adjust the implants according to the new desires and needs. In these cases, for example, it is possible to combine breast lift surgery with new implants that will allow for a more youthful appearance.

Dissatisfaction with the results of previous surgery

There are cases when we are confident in choosing the implant and go through the breast augmentation process successfully. But then, at the end of the recovery period, or at a later stage, we realize that it is not exactly what we wanted or what we thought, even if the operation was successful.

In these cases, there is no reason to stay for many years with an implant that is not suitable and it is recommended to contact the attending physician, re-examine the expectations and needs and choose the implant and treatment that suit the personal desires and goals.

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