A new, large and protected dialysis system was opened at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem

A new, large and protected dialysis system was opened at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem

A protected, large, innovative and impressive dialysis center, with 33 dialysis stations, was opened at the Herzog Medical Center in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem. The institute will respond to patients in designated treatment rooms, to ambulatory patients from the community, to those insured by all health insurance funds. The institute allows in an emergency to treat over 200 dialysis patients. Dr. Yaakov Habib, director of the Herzog Medical Center, said that the plan was to open the dialysis center at the beginning of this year, but due to the war there was a delay with the construction and receiving the equipment. The new dialysis center is located in a new protected complex, in the central hospital tower of the Herzog Medical Center. For the German-English Jewish philanthropist, the late Dr. Heinz Samson. APK Health, which specializes in the establishment and management of dialysis centers for the community, for over thirty years, is a partner of the Herzog management in establishment and management.

According to Yaakov Ben Kiki, CEO of AP Health: “In fact, this is a new and large dialysis system, which includes: a dialysis center – with 33 machines for hemodialysis treatment, with the most advanced technology in the field, for patients with kidney failure, a pre-dialysis clinic Dialysis – for the treatment of patients with deteriorating kidney function, with the aim of slowing down the rate of disease progression and postponing the need to connect to the dialysis machine, as well as consulting medicine – for kidney patients by nephrologists, for patients of all HMOs.” On the occasion of the opening, the computer systems at Herzog were upgraded to consolidate information Medical received from the dialysis service, with medical information about the patients from the wards.

Varda Tohner, who is in charge of dialysis in Israel on behalf of the Ministry of Health, says: “We are happy about the opening of a new, protected and luxurious dialysis center at the Herzog Hospital, with the largest number of protected beds in the Jerusalem area. The dialysis center also provides (in addition to regular patients) a comprehensive solution , within Herzog – for complex and nursing patients in the Jerusalem area and the rest of the country, who need dialysis.”

A lot of thought was put into the architectural planning, both in establishing a versatile dialysis complex, which allows in emergency scenarios, to convert large parts of it for the treatment of critically ill patients and on ventilators, and in thinking down to the smallest details about the quality of life of dialysis patients.
For example, the design allows for natural light, despite the fact that the institute is protected, thanks to the structure of the land on the slopes of the mountain, on which the hospital tower stands. For example, with the respect of patients' privacy in mind, open spaces of 8 meters were planned between the dialysis machines. In addition, an internal road was prepared from the southern entrance of the Herzog Medical Center, which will allow patients and those with limited mobility to reach it directly.

“Leumit Health Services also welcomes the opening of the new dialysis center in Herzog, which will provide an answer to its policyholders in the field of nephrology,” said Eli Geffen, director of the hospitalization and national control system of Leumit Health Services, at the celebratory event of the opening. According to him: “It is important to expand activity and care also for ventilated patients who need dialysis, who are currently hospitalized mainly in the internal wards of hospitals. The fund is in close and continuous contact with the Herzog Medical Center, both regarding patients in the ambulatory systems (in the fields of rehabilitation and mental health), and in the inpatient system (in the fields (resuscitation, complex nursing, general and geriatric rehabilitation and in the field of mental health) In general, any expansion of medical services is welcome, certainly in areas of medicine where the shortage of infrastructure and hospitalization is particularly acute.

The nephrologist, Prof. Linda Shavit, is the medical director of the new dialysis system, accompanied by a team of expert doctors, skilled nursing staff, a dietician and a social worker. Dr. Habib, Herzog director adds: “We are moving forward with the ambitious 'master plan', to transform Herzog, which is the first Hebrew hospital in Israel – dating back to the Ottoman era, into an innovative, large, groundbreaking and leading Israeli medical center – in complex medical fields. Until now, we have had difficulty accepting patients in our wards who need dialysis, because of the need to travel several times a week to the other hospitals in Jerusalem – Sha'are Zedek and Hadassah. The establishment of the dialysis service with us is an important event for the health system in the Jerusalem area, since we have departments, of the complexity that exists, from a medical point of view (complex nursing, a very large geriatric rehabilitation center, and also general rehabilitation, the world's largest respiratory center and mental health). Our next challenge is to open a dialysis unit for ventilators, which will allow patients who need dialysis to be discharged from intensive care units in hospitals in Israel and from internal wards.”

Photo: Herzog Medical Center
d"Rabbi Yaakov Habib, Yaakov Ben Kiki (in blue) and Shamai Kenan from the left (with glasses)
Photo: Herzog Medical Center

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