Bill – Easing the criminalization threshold for crimes of supporting terrorism

Bill – Easing the criminalization threshold for crimes of supporting terrorism

The Constitution Committee continued today (Monday) to prepare for the first reading 4 bills to amend the law on the fight against terrorism, initiated by MK Yitzhak Kreuzer, MK Zvi Yedidia Sukot, MK Limor Son Har Melech and MK Eliyahu Rabivo.

The bills are intended to amend the offense of incitement to terrorism in the Law on Combating Terrorism, in two aspects: to expand the offense of publishing words of praise, sympathy, encouragement, support or identification with an act of terrorism, so that it will also apply to those who publish words of praise or sympathy for an individual who commits a terrorist act of the deceased . The second aspect – to cancel the “probability test” currently required in the offense.

Chairman of the Constitution Committee MK Simcha Rothman to the representatives of the Attorney General's Office and the Ministry of Justice: “You demand a specific probability in relation to a specific person and we as MKs from several parties say that it does not make sense for you to look at the trees and not the forest. We don't say this about every act of terrorism, but about the dead.”

“The meaning of “be nice” “commit murder like the nice” or “good luck to the nice” towards youth has the same meaning and the same result”

Corporal Udi Ronan, investigation officer of the Jerusalem District of the police: “We asked to cancel or reduce the probabilistic element because it locks our hands” The person wrote “All the best to the Nukhavots. I need to check if following his writing a 14-year-old boy will do something?”

Attorney Shlomi Abramson, Head of Security and Special Duties at the State Attorney's Office: “I appreciate the MKs' desire to try to help us fight incitement and think we have enough tools. This will be evidenced by the hundreds of investigations that have been opened and a little over 200 indictments.”

Facilitate the criminalization of crimes of supporting terrorists or acts of terrorism 10.6.24

archives. Photo: Noam Moshkowitz, spokeswoman of the Knesset

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