“If the operation had failed, Netanyahu would have been guilty, not even a word of appreciation for the success”

“If the operation had failed, Netanyahu would have been guilty, not even a word of appreciation for the success”

In his speech yesterday (Monday) in the Knesset plenum, the chairman of the Noam party, Deputy Minister MK Avi Maoz, referred to the resignation of the members of the state camp from the government, and to the irresponsible behavior of the opposition towards the government.

Maoz: “The left loves Menachem Begin very much, but mainly to hit Likud,” Maoz began. “They are just trying to hide how they shed their blood when he was prime minister. But Menachem Begin was before that the head of the opposition, and as the head of the opposition he knew what national responsibility was, what statehood was, and that the state came first.”

In his words: “After the Jonathan operation in Entebbe, Menachem Begin said, and I quote: “Today we pay respect in the name of the entire nation to our army, to the Chief of Staff and his assistants, to the commanders and soldiers, who proved that indeed it is, the month of the Maccabian generation in our time. I would like to say that everyone has the right, but The Prime Minister is the head of the team, while everyone is responsible for one more drop of responsibility. That's why I say to the Prime Minister in the name of the opposition, we belong to different camps There will certainly be arguments between us, thorough, serious, and perhaps even heated. But today, with all our hearts we say: Prime Minister, well done.”

He also said: “Where are Menachem Begin and where are the members of the opposition, these are the veterans, and those who have joined them now. Statehood? The most statelessness that can be. The state first of all? The petty politics, the instructions from America and your personal interests above all. National responsibility? Lack of national responsibility. Lack of National responsibility for the prime minister who took the decision to go on the heroic operation, God forbid, you would have enjoyed impaling the prime minister on the grill? Not a word of appreciation and gratitude.”

He continued: “National irresponsibility in leaving the government during wartime, when the abductees are still in the tunnels and the residents of the south and north are still displaced. National irresponsibility in throwing encouragement to our enemies, when you give them hope that in just a moment everything here will fall apart. Shame on you.”

He added: “Finally, Deputy Minister Avi Maoz said: “Now that Gantz and his friends have retired from the government, there is no one to stop the cabinet from striking our enemies in the south and in the north. The time has come to win with courage and valor, without limitations and without hesitation. It is time to restore deterrence. It has come The time to act with all our might to return the residents of the north and the south to their homes, and all the abductees to their families soon in these days, Amen”

archives. Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Noam Moshkowitz

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