“Where are the Jews? Between the fence and the room and that's the problem”

“Where are the Jews? Between the fence and the room and that's the problem”

Mayor Karmiel Moshe Koninski, who was a guest at the local government conference in Tel Aviv, was interviewed yesterday (Monday) in an interview with Arel Segal and Liat Ron on Radio 103.

Mayor Karmiel Moshe Koninski: “I also serve as chairman of Eshkol Beit HaKerem, which unites both Arab and Druze authorities, and when I talk about the Jews of the Galilee, it is not with the aim of throwing the Arabs out of the Galilee, God forbid. There is currently an 80% Arab majority in the Galilee.”

He further added: “Carmiel is a Zionist Jewish city and I present the presentation about the city to every minister, member of Knesset and to every influential person and for me the equation should be: strong Karmiel and also strong Majdal Chrom,” said Moshe Koninski and added, “If they are strong The Jewish settlement will also be strong.”

Mayor Karmiel Moshe Koninski further emphasized in his words during the interview: “90% of the lands in the Galilee are managed by Rami and they forgot that they are in local authorities and they should let us have an influence.”

He also said in the interview, “The State of Israel established a number of foundations, including settlement in the Galilee, when one of the goals I set for myself when I took office was to revive this vision. We need to have the ability to make an impact,” he clarified.

Moshe Koninski said in an interview about his role as mayor, “Being mayor is not being a politician but being a leader. There are many good and quality leaders in the local government, those for whom this was not their default. I came with a sense of mission and this is my life's mission.”

Photo: Spokesperson of Karmiel Municipality

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