“I demanded from the heads of authorities to raise the property tax”

“I demanded from the heads of authorities to raise the property tax”

“The local government is an important arena that teaches us that there is room for optimism despite the difficult times.” This is how Interior Minister Moshe Arbel opened his remarks at the Moni Expo conference held at the beginning of the week 9-10.6.2024 by the Center for Local Government under the banner of “Israeli Revival”.

The Minister of the Interior went on to say that “the built-in tension between the central government and the local government is a healthy tension, the local government should challenge the central government. Last week there was a discussion in the Finance Committee of the Knesset, where I demanded from the heads of authorities to raise the property tax, if I want an independent local government I want A government that stands on its feet, it's our duty to promote and develop industry. I prefer a strong local government that needs recovery. I deal with the issue of the north and the south day and night and the citizens of Israel are always against us.”

Minister of the Interior, Moshe Arbel

In the panel on “Local Government as a Force Multiplier”, the CEO of the Ministry, Ronan Peretz, said that “the criticism we receive is justified in quite a few cases. At the beginning of the war all the bureaucracy was cut, in the first month of the war the ministry transferred almost a billion shekels so that the authorities could do what was required and necessary. Later, we transferred over a billion shekels both in the north and in the south. The cooperation between the local authorities in Israel is unfortunately almost non-existent except through the regional clusters that the Ministry of the Interior trusts. As the Ministry of the Interior, we are ready to provide quite a few budgets for the benefit of economic development and cooperation.”

The CEO also added that “the image of victory cannot be a return to normalcy, we need to see how we make a leap forward in the northern region that has been neglected for years. I want to believe that out of the current crisis we can create a real opportunity. It is our duty to develop significant growth engines that are naturally connected to the region. My ambition is that the north will not only flourish, but much more than that.”

The director of the local government administration at the Ministry of the Interior, Tomer Biton, noted that “the local authorities are not of one piece and indeed there are gaps in all the authorities, even the strong authorities that have received powers sometimes request the ministry's backing in the areas of authority assigned to them. The decentralization of powers to the authorities is done differentially to the capacity of the local authority The focus of control and supervision respectively, the Ministry of the Interior led by the Minister and led by the Director General create a change to focus the activities of the authorities on economic development in the integration of the municipal corporations, while improving the regulation through digitization tools.”

More than two hundred speakers participated in the conference held over two days, including representatives of the Ministry of the Interior: Minister of the Interior Moshe Arbel, Director General of the Ministry Ronan Peretz, Head of the Directorate for Local Government Tomer Biton, County Commissioners and Director of the Senior Division of Regional Clusters Shir Rabinowitz. In addition, two hundred and fifty-nine heads of authorities, members of the media and representatives from the various government ministries participated.

This year's conference dealt with the role of the local government as a stable, leading and innovative body, acting as a main engine for leading changes in a variety of activity channels, for ensuring joint growth, for unity and mutual guarantee.

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